School Lunch

We are fortunate here at Sedley’s to have our school meals cooked on site daily by Principals Catering Company.  Copy of the current school menu can be seen at  School meals can be paid online at and any queries can be made directly to the kitchen on 07392 125483.
Fruit and vegetables are a rich source of vitamins and a daily balanced diet must contain a good variety – preferably five a day.  There is a wide choice at this time of year so every day at lunchtime we offer two vegetable choices with our main course and salad. We encourage the children to have school meals, however they can have a packed lunch. 

We have achieved this status and aim to promote healthy living with a variety of fun sports activities during the day and after school. Our school lunch is cooked on site and we provide a daily salad bar. Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 have the opportunity to have a piece of fruit every day at snack time as part of a government initiative. In addition, our curriculum includes educating children about food and healthy eating.