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The Cabinet Member for Education and Skills today (22nd July 2020) approved plans to delay the Kent Test by around one month as a result of the impact of Covid-19 on schools and pupils. The test will now take place on 15 October for pupils who attend a Kent school and 17 October for all other students. Kent parents will also be offered two additional preferences on their child’s Secondary school application this year, an increase from four to six, to account for the later release of Kent Test results.

While it is expected that the Department of Education will advise that delaying testing is the preferred option, to date no formal guidance has been published. While awaiting clarity from Government is desirable, parents and children require assurances as to what process they can expect, and schools and officers require sufficient time to implement any revised arrangements and ensure school offers can be made by Secondary National Offer Day (1 March 2021).


The vast majority of responses that were received supported our plans, which are similar to those being made by nearly all local authorities and admission authorities around the country. While the delay in testing will provide an opportunity for children to settle back into a more normal school environment, we appreciate that children will have missed around four months of schooling. Fortunately, the Kent Test process is already designed to ensure that a child’s wider circumstances can be considered before their assessment is finalised.  We will be providing guidance for schools in light of the differing educational opportunities that children will have received over the last few months, and more generally on implementing the approved plans.


Meanwhile if you have particular queries that have not been addressed or covered in recent communications please contact in the first instance.

Below is an updated version of the FAQ document to try and explain the changes. 

Regards, Kent Admissions Team



Kent County Council - Kent Test (11+) Updates


Kent Test Familiarisation Booklet gives a description of the different parts of the test and advice on approaching the types of questions asked



If you require any assistance applying for your child's Kent Test online please email 

These documents are support materials for parents with the Kent Test (11+)