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12th February

Yeye! Its Friday Acorns! We had made it to half term! 😊

What a wonderful fairy tale ball we have had this morning! It was lovely to see you all smiling and in your amazing outfits.

For our last day of term, we are looking at Chinese New Year. We will be looking at how Chinese New Year is celebrated and completing some fun activities all about it.  

All that is left is to wish you all a well deserved half term and thank you all for your support with your child’s home learning this term! Acorns you should be immensely proud of what you have achieved this term!

Please continue to send your work to us each day, so we can provide any feedback and see how hard you are working!


Our daily outline of what your day will look like today:

Chinese New Year activities



This year is the year of the Ox.

Chinese New Year task:

To start our day off today, I would like you to look at the PowerPoint below and discuss the different pictures. The PowerPoint is all about the year of the Ox.


Have a go at completing the Chinese New Year themed phonics sheet. You need to look at the picture, say it, join it and then write it as a word.

Then have a go at playing the tricky words board game. Roll the dice and say aloud the tricky word you land on. How many can you get right? Who will make it to the finish line first? Good luck!


Open the eBook and read the Chinese New Year story below. Discuss what happens in the story and what they have learnt about Chinese New Year.

Choosing activities:

Have a look at the activities below linked to Chinese New Year, please complete at least two.


1. Design you very own Chinese dragon. Using the template document below, print out and colour the parts of the dragon, then print your handprints and cut out to create his body.

2. Find the year you were born and which Chinese New Year animal you are! Create a picture of that animal with the sentence – My Chinese New Year sign is……..

3. Create a paper lantern to hang up in celebration of Chinese New Year. You can view the PowerPoint below which has helpful instructions on how to make your lantern or design your very own!

4. Dragon cookies! Lets get baking for Chinese New Year and make some colourful dragon cookies.

5. Colour by number. Can you follow the numbers and colour them correctly to create an Ox picture?

6. Create a fact sheet about this year’s animal the Ox. You could use the ‘all about the Ox’ PowerPoint at the top of todays page and write some interesting facts you find out. Don’t forget to include some lovely colourful pictures.


Enjoy learning all about Chinese New Year and Have a wonderful half term!!