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12th January

Tuesday 12th January    


Good morning everybody! Today we are going to be looking at some maths games as a warm up, before beginning our planned work. Year 1 will continue their work on adding by counting on. Year 2 will be looking at making doubles. There is a separate sheet for each year group.

Our reading task will be looking at exploring the similarities and differences in two books by the same author. The work for both year groups is on one sheet, but the questions are worded slightly differently.

In topic today we will be looking at speech bubbles and how they are used, with a template showing empty speech bubbles for the children to complete. Also linking with topic is a music task, as we would normally have a music lesson on Tuesday.

Phonics will look at the ‘tch’ sound, with different work for Year 1 and Year 2. In our Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) we will be looking at how to change words from singular into plurals.

As it is our P.E day, there are also a range of P.E activities available.

I hope you all have a great day, and I will try to respond to emails as quickly as I can.

Have fun everyone!



Maths warm-up game

Super Maths Bowling - Multiplication - Mathsframe

Year 1 play game 1

Year 2 play game 4



Y1 – Learning objective -  To add by counting on within 20 

Spring Week 2 - Number: Addition and Subtraction (within 20) | White Rose Maths Just watch the adding by counting on clip, then try the work below.


Year 2 -  Learning objective - To problem solve and make doubles



Spring Week 2 - Number: Multiplication and Division | White Rose Maths  just watch the make doubles clip today, then have a look at the work below.

Times tables


Our times tables work continues to focus on 10 x tables, but you can look at others too if you like!


Have a look at this website.


10 times table with games at




Learning objective – To explain similarities and differences between two books by the same author.


Watch the video clip, then pause to read, or listen to The Dragon Machine again.


The Dragon Machine | BookTrust


Once you have finished watching both clips, you can try and answer the questions on the sheets below.

We will read the whole story together tomorrow, and I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did!


Still image for this video


Learning objective - To use speech bubbles in a comic strip


We will be looking at how speech and thought bubbles are used in comics strips, to show what the characters are saying and thinking. Watch the powerpoint, then see if you can complete one of the templates below.  


Learning objective - To use everyday objects to create superhero sound effects


Key Stage 1 Music: Thunder Jam with Daniel Pemberton superheroes - BBC Teach


Think about some of the different instruments in an orchestra, which would you like to play and why? You might already be learning to play an instrument, which one do you play?

Using things in your home, see if you can make some superhero sound.  Think about the onomatopoeia work we did last week, can you make any of those sounds. (Don’t break anything, and stop when your parents tell you to!)



Learning objective  To spell words using the 'tch' sound


Watch the clip then have a go at the game below

Interactive spell the 'tch' words game (

Grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS)


Learning objective - To be able to add -s or -es to make a word a plural


Watch the short clip below, then see if you can correctly change the words on your sheet into plurals, by adding -s or -es.


Nessy Spelling Strategy | Plurals -s -es | Learn to Spell - YouTube



As you would usually have P.E on a Tuesday with Mrs De'Ath, she has kindly put together some P.E activities for you to try at home.