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Primary School

Love to Learn - Learn to Love

12th January

Morning Acorns! 😊

I hope you enjoyed your home learning yesterday. It was lovely to see so many photos of your learning.

Please continue to send your work to us each day, so we can provide any feedback and see how hard you are working!


Our daily outline of what your day will look like today:





Choosing activities

Maths task:

Yesterday we looked at zero. Today we are going to focus on our numbers zero to five.


1. Write out your number 1-5. Each number needs to be on a separate small piece of paper. Once you have created your number cards place them into a bag. An adult will put out a number and show you, you must shout out what number it is, for example 4. Then complete a movement that many times. For example, 4 star jumps, 4 giant steps, 4 tiptoes or find 4 objects around the house. Play the game until you have tried and recognised all numbers at least twice.


2. Your next activity is to become a number detective!

The number detectives have found some clues and need your help solve them. Each clue card shows a different way of representing a number. Your mission is to solve the clue and match the card to the correct number. Cut the number cards up and place them mixed up onto the table or floor.

Make sure you look at each clue card and count the items shown carefully. The cards can then be placed on to the Number Detective Poster showing the matching numeral or you can draw your own clue cards showing a way of representing the different numbers. You must complete 1-5 number cards to become a number detective! But if you are feeling brave enough to help the number detective see if you can get all 10 clues. Good luck Acorns!

Reading task:

  1. Do you think the family were scared travelling on their bear hunt?
  2. How would you feel going on a bear hunt?
  3. Why would you feel like that?
  4. Do you think the bear wanted to be friends?
  5. What adventure you would like to go on and who with?  

We're going on a bear hunt

PE task:

Warm up: Find a large space for you to be able to move around. An adult will shout about red, amber, green, speed bumps, roundabout and you will complete the correct movements.

Red means stop

Amber means walk or skip

Green means run

Speed bumps means jump

Roundabout means spin around on the spot


Once you have warmed up for 5 minutes, you heart beat should be racing and your body should be warm. Your next task is to complete some fairy tale yoga.

The Wizard of Oz | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

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Lastly once you have finished your yoga, don’t forget to cool down, lay quietly on the floor and stretch your legs, arms, and body. Let your heartbeat come back down to normal and grab yourself a nice drink and treat for your hard work in PE! Well done!


For more PE activities why not try the document below for some ideas: 

Choosing activities:

As part of our EYFS Curriculum the children would access a range of choosing activities and learn together and individually through play. I have set some options for you to choose from below. These do not all need to be completed and can be more independent for your child to complete and play maybe even alongside a sibling.


  1. Malleable task: Using the link below can you make ‘magical’ fairy dough in a range of colours using glitter to add plenty of sparkle. Once you have made your dough what fairy characters or objects could you make using your play dough. (If you have play dough already made you may want to use this.) 

How to Make Playdough With Flour and Water and Salt - YouTube



  1. Writing challenge task: Using the template of speech bubbles or creating your own write some speech bubbles for the characters below. What things might they say? Think about if they are a ‘goodie’ or baddie’.