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15th January

Good morning everyone!

Today in maths the Year 1 children will be looking at number bonds to 20. Year 2 will be looking at using 10 times tables to solve problems. For the reading task there is a short film to watch which I hope the children enjoy as much as I did!

Our topic lesson links with a story book, and there are two tasks to accompany the book.

Phonics today will be a game, then in the GPS slot could you please do the spelling test and then let me know the results. Year 2 children can also do a 10 times table test, of course if Year 1 children have also been practicing they can have a go too!

Have a lovely day and please all enjoy a nice relaxing weekend!









Warm up games

Y1 Save The Whale: Learn bonds of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 or 5 (

Y2 - Funk Mummy || Quick recall of addition, subtraction and multiplication facts || Mobile-friendly version (  (try the multiplication section)


Y1 – Learning Objective - Find and make number bonds to 20      

Y2 – Learning Objective – To use 10 times tables to solve problems                                                                               

Times tables quiz at home for Y2, of course Year 1 can join in if they like!




Learning objective – To explain key parts of a story






Reading Catch It film.mp4

Still image for this video

Catch It



Learning objective – To design a product linked with the Superhero topic.


Today in our topic lesson we will be hearing the story of Charlie and his Superhero Underpants. Watch the power-point below. I have also added a separate YouTube link in case this link is not compatible with all devices.



Charlie's Superhero Underpants



The GPS slot on Friday is to complete the spelling test. Please email me the results.

Good luck everyone!



Have a look at some of the games on this website, which is currently free to use.




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