Sedley's Church of England

Primary School

Love to Learn - Learn to Love

19th January

Good morning everybody!


Our day today follows our usual routine for a Tuesday, with maths and reading tasks, a GPS task and also P.E and music as we would usually have on a Friday.

I will also be putting the links to the Tuesday P.E lessons into the P.E section on the website, so if you want to try any of them again, you will be able to find them easily.

Have a fun day, and I look forward to seeing your amazing work later!




Maths warm up - Most Popular Free Maths Games - Mathsframe choose one of the free games for a quick mental maths warm up.


Y1 Learning objective - To add by making 10 


Year 1 Spring Week 3 – Number: Addition and Subtraction (within 20) | White Rose Maths



Y2 Learning objective - To share by making equal groups using practical equipment and pictures 


Year 2 Spring Week 3 - Number: Multiplication and Division | White Rose Maths






Learning objective – To make inferences about an image.


Watch the zoom clip, then you can either open the document below, or use the image from the video clip.


Look at the image, and see if you can answer these questions about it.


  • How are the owls related?
  • Which owl is about to take its first flight? How do you know?
  • How does the young owl feel about flying?
  • What might it be thinking? Add a thought bubble to the picture.
  • Is the older owl worried?
  • What advice might the older owl give to the younger one?













Reading 19.1.21.mp4

Still image for this video



Topic – Learning objective – To write a mini-fact file about a real life superhero.




Learning objective - To choose the correct 'or' word to complete the sentence.


The or sound | Phase 3 Phonics | or words - BBC Bitesize




Y1 Learning objective – To add suffixes, ‘ing’, ‘ed’ and ‘er’ to change the given word.


Y2 Learning objective – To be able to use commas to write a list.


How are commas used in a list? - BBC Bitesize





Look at the activities below and choose which ones you want to complete today for our P.E lesson.



Click on the link below to learn a new song today!


Shake my sillies out | Sing Up