Sedley's Church of England

Primary School

Love to Learn - Learn to Love

1st March

Good morning everyone.  I hope you all had a lovely restful weekend?


Today our sequence of lessons follows our usual Monday timetable, which includes an R.E session. There are no live lessons planned today, but we will be going through some of the activities set for later in the week, as part of our ongoing assessment of the children.


You will notice I have added in a writing section. This will be a planning activity today as we will be completing a writing assessment on Wednesday during the registration session. 


I hope you all have a fun day!





Maths warm up – have a look at the task set for you on the splashlearn site.


Year 1 log in details

1. Visit
2. Enter class code UEVZTJ
3. Select your profile
4. Select picture password : shoe


Year 2 log in details

1. Visit
2. Enter class code UDSJUB
3. Select your profile
4. Enter password : exam63


The main maths task for Year 1 children is to compare lengths. Watch the clip below for the activity. There is an optional worksheet if you wish to do it, otherwise, complete the tasks mentioned in the clip.


Year 1 - Learning objective – To compare lengths of objects.



Spr1.8.1 - Compare lengths activity


Year 2 - Learning Objective – To look at lines of symmetry.


Today Year 2 children will be looking at lines of symmetry in shapes. Watch the clip below, and then have a look at the sheet.



Spr2.8.1 - Lines of symmetry

Times tables


Look at one of the times table games below and practice the set of times tables that you are working on. Or you can go to Karate cats maths, and choose mulitplication.


Play Karate Cats Maths Game For Kids | Free Online Maths Games - BBC Bitesize


Tommy's Trek - Times Tables - Mathsframe


Multiplication Tile Crash - Mathsframe



On Wednesday, straight after registration, we will be completing an independent writing task.  We will have the next two days planning for this, which will allow the children to have some time to think of their ideas.

Watch the zoom video below, and then have a look a the first planning sheet.


Story plan 1 1.3.21.mp4

Still image for this video



Our Monday GPS will be looking at our spellings, due to be tested on Friday.


Have a look at the power point video below first, then look at your spellings due to be tested at the end of the week.


Contractions 1.3.21 movie.mp4

Still image for this video



Look again at the spelling words in your group due to be tested on Friday, then have a look at this clip.



Contractions for Children - Year 1

How to use apostrophes in contractions - BBC Bitesize


Now, choose three contracted words to put into your own sentences. Try to remember to use the correct punctuation too.




R.E this week, looks again at Humanism.


Learning objective - To think about how Humanists believe we can be happy.


Have a look at the sheet below, and then think about the questions on it. I heard about some great discussions about last week's lesson.