Sedley's Church of England

Primary School

Love to Learn - Learn to Love

22nd January

Good morning everyone and happy Friday!

Today you will see a maths task for each year group. Year 2 will have a short zoom clip to watch today. The times table work is the test at home on the ones you have been learning. 

The reading task today is linked to a short film, which I hope you will all enjoy. Topic work is computer research into a historical real life superhero, you will see I have attached links to follow.  The GPS slot today is to be used for the spellings, please try to email me the results.

The is a short phonics task linking in with our sound of the week, and finally a P.S.H.E discussion based lesson, answering questions about a picture.

Have a good day, and a lovely relaxing weekend!







Maths warm up - Play Karate Cats Maths Game For Kids | Free Online Maths Games - BBC Bitesize


Y1 Learning objective – To subtract by counting back when crossing 10

Spr1.3.5 - Subtraction counting back (crossing 10)

Y2 Maths 22.1.21.mp4

Still image for this video

Times tables


Have a test on the times tables you have been practicing at home.



Learning objective - To be able to sequence key events in a film clip.


Today's reading task is based on a short Pixar film. Watch the film, then see if you can answer the sequencing questions about it.



Disney Pixar - For the Birds



Learning objective  -  To use a computer to research one of these real-life historical ‘superheroes.’


Topic 22.1.21.mp4

Still image for this video



Learning objective  -  To use a computer to research one of these real-life historical ‘superheroes.’


Click on one of the names below to watch a clip about one of these real life historical heroes. You can do additional internet research too, by typing the name of the person you want to find out about into Google, like we have done in class before. Ask a grown up to help you.


Rosa Parks


Emily Davison


Mary Seacole


Florence Nightingale


 Edith Cavell


 Elizabeth Fry


 Thomas Fowell Buxton 


 David Livingstone



Find out what they did to make things better for others and write some facts about why they are real-life superheroes.



Complete your spelling test for the week. Don't forget to let me know your score and good luck everyone!



Learning objective – Choose the correct spelling pattern and put these words into sentences of your own.


Look at the sheet below, can you spot the correct spelling pattern and put them into your own sentences?



Learning objective - To think about how to treat people who are different to you.



Look at the image below, and have a discussion about these questions.


Who is the man with the red spots?

How did he get the red spots? How does he feel about it?

How is he different to the others?

How do the others feel about him? How do you know?

What is the message behind this picture?

How would you feel if people treated you differently because of how you look?

When is it OK to treat someone differently from yourself?