Sedley's Church of England

Primary School

Love to Learn - Learn to Love

22nd January

Yeye, its Friday Acorns! 😊

I hope you enjoyed our 2nd scavenger hunt yesterday; it was fun to see all the different things that meant something to you.

Today, it was lovely to see how proud you were of your home learning this week during show and tell. You have all worked extremely hard this week and earnt lots of house points! Have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday for our registration.

Please continue to send your work to us each day, so we can provide any feedback and see how hard you are working!


Our daily outline of what your day will look like today:





Choosing activities

Maths task:

We will be continuing to learn about capacity today. After having lots of fun on Wednesday with measuring different amounts of water out and explaining using our maths terms such as empty, half, full, nearly full. Today we are going to do some maths role-play!


1. Creating your own ‘kitchen’ or ‘café’, provide a variety of pans, bowls, spoons, and ladle to use. Using some mud kitchen recipes from the document below, have a go at measuring out different amounts to make something tasty.

2. Have a go at writing out your own daily recipe for your café, what would you make? Then measure out the ingredient and get making little chef! You can use the recipe template below or create your own.

Reading task:

Today your activity is to complete a storytelling game. Using the document below, print out the storytelling cards and place them face down on a table or the floor. You have to choose a card and someone else needs to read the text to you, describing a fairy tale. You have to shout out the answer of which fairy tale you think they are talking about. If you are correct, you get to keep the card.

Let’s see how well you know your fairy tales.

Topic task: Sweet treats!

1. Have a look at the pictures below of the witch’s house in Hansel and Gretel. Discuss the pictures, exploring how they might taste and smell.



2. Grab some sweet treats to decorate such as plain biscuits, slice of cake or small buns. Decorate them with items such as icing, sweets and chocolate buttons. You could get very creative with your baking and use tweezers to put your sweets on, spoons, piping bags and plastic knifes to spread the icing.   


Don’t forget to take lots of pictures of your decorating! Check out how I made my biscuits below.....

Choosing activities:

As part of our EYFS Curriculum the children would access a range of choosing activities and learn together and individually through play. I have set some options for you to choose from below. These do not all need to be completed and can be more independent for your child to complete and play maybe even alongside a sibling.


1. Continue with your Art challenge task: For the next 30 days, you could complete the art challenge below. Please do not worry if your picture is not exactly 5cm x 5cm as long as it’s a small piece of paper so that at the end your drawings can all be put together to create your very own 30-day art collage. I cannot wait all those amazing drawings!


2. Challenge: Choose some large objects from around the house, for example, chairs, blankets, rope, and benches. Create your very own large bridge using the objects just like in the Billy goat gruff. Can you cross the bridge without falling into the river?