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Love to Learn - Learn to Love

23rd February

Good morning everyone.  


Today our sequence of lessons follows our usual Tuesday timetable, and you will notice a range of P.E tasks are also added. In addition to the home learning provided we will also be starting our new phonics and GPS sessions, currently once a week for each group. I will be asking my GPS group to stay on the zoom call, where we will have a recap on some of the GPS covered so far.  For the usual GPS lesson, I have made power points for each year group, but when I converted them to video, the files were too big for the website, so many apologies. I am working to try and sort this issue out, and if I can I will edit the website as soon as I can.

Have a lovely day everyone, and enjoy the sunshine!





Maths warm up – have a look at the task set for you on the splashlearn site.


Year 1 log in details

1. Visit
2. Enter class code UEVZTJ
3. Select your profile
4. Select picture password : shoe


Year 2 log in details

1. Visit
2. Enter class code UDSJUB
3. Select your profile
4. Enter password : exam63


The main maths task for Year 1 children is to continue their work counting in groups of 2. We will be moving on to counting in groups of 5 from tomorrow.


The Year 2 children will be looking again at 2D and 3D shapes, with shape work scheduled to continue for the next few lessons..


Year 1 Learning Objective – To count in 2s.


Watch the 2nd clip using the link below, then have a look at the worksheet for today.


Spring Week 7 – Number: Place Value (within 50) | White Rose Maths   (watch the 2nd clip)



Year 2 Learning objective – Problem solving with shapes.


Watch the second clip using the link below. Then complete the worksheet. As the sheet is quite short, have a look at the Karate Cats maths game, and go to the section on shapes.


Spring Week 7 - Geometry: Properties of Shapes | White Rose Maths  (watch the 2nd clip)


Karate Cats Maths (  click on the link, then go to the section on shapes.


Times tables


Choose the set of times tables you wish to practice.  If you would rather play one of the other times tables games we have looked at in the past, that is absolutely fine too.


Daily 10 - Mental Maths Challenge - Topmarks



Learning objective – To retrieve information from a story.


Watch the YouTube clip of the book being read out, or you can mute the sound and read it for yourself. Then have a look at the questions below, remember to write in complete sentences. I hope you enjoy the story!



Dragon Jelly



Learning objective - To use a computer program to create WordArt


Listen to the zoom clip of George’s magic medicine recipe for Grandma at the end of the second chapter – it includes jumping fleas, slimy squigglers and the powdered bone of a wombat’s knee. Choose your favourite phrases and use WordArt to write colourful versions, if you don’t have word art on your device it is fine to just use pens and paper.





Topic 23.2.21.mp4

Still image for this video



Year 1 Learning objective – To recap on the correct use of capital letters.


We will be having another look at the correct use of capital letters.  Have a look at the power

point below, then see if you can spot the missing capital letters on the worksheet. Put a circle around the letters you think should be capitals.



Y1 GPS 23.2.21 movie 2.mp4

Still image for this video

Year 2 Learning objective – To use the suffix -ly in adverbs


Watch the power point clip below, then look at the clip from BBC Bitesize.  Once you have watched both clips, have a go at the worksheet.


How to use the suffix –ly - BBC Bitesize


Y2 GPS movie 2.mp4

Still image for this video



Learning objective - To put the correct 'oo' sound words into sentences.


Watch the song in the video, and then have a look at the sheet. Can you put the correct 'oo' sound words into the sentences?



Digraphs/ OO and oo / Long + Short Vowels / Phonics Song