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Primary School

Love to Learn - Learn to Love

26th February

Yeye, we made it to another Friday Acorns! 😊

Well done on completing your first week of Term 4! Only one more week to go before we are reunited at school together! 😊

Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday for our registration.

Please continue to send your work to us each day, so we can provide any feedback and see how hard you are working! Its lovely to see all your hard work on our amazing home learning page.  


Our daily outline of what your day will look like today:





Choosing activities

Maths task: Length and height

Today is our last day to consolidate our learning on length and height. Can you name the different vocabulary to describe something by length or height?


1. Can you gather some different items of toys? Which is the tallest and which is the shortest?


2. Check out Sophie's sunflowers and see what different heights they have grown too. Can you point out the tallest sunflower or the shortest sunflower? How do you know? Don’t forget to use the cubes to help you measure? How many cubes was each sunflower?

3. Using wooden blocks, Lego, building blocks or cubes construct a bridge for your cars. When making your bridge consider how long; how wide and how high you want your bridge to be and select which correct blocks to use.

Then investigate how far your cars can go on your bridge. Push them to see which car goes the furthest?  How will they measure this? Could you push the different cars over your bridge and then use small cubes or handprints to count how far each one went.

Reading task:

Watch the video below of my next story and answer the questions below.

  1. Why did Titus want his mum?
  2. Why did everyone cheer for Titus?
  3. What was zooming their way from the sky?
  4. Who won the hurdles race?
  5. Can you think of a game the dinosaurs should play at their dinosaur games competition?

The dinosaur games story

Topic task: Magnification

Today you will become a flower investigator.


1. Your challenge is to explore outside or in your garden a range of wild or garden flowers and use a variety of magnifiers for close observation. Discuss and explain what you can see. Do they have different colours? Can you name any parts you can see of the flower? Can you describe the similarities or differences between the flowers?


2. Now using your label flower diagram can you identify the different parts you can use.

3. Using a flower from your garden or making your own using different materials, such as paper or tissue paper for the petals and a stick or straw for the steam, create your own labels to identify the different parts of your flower.

Choosing activities:

As part of our EYFS Curriculum the children would access a range of choosing activities and learn together and individually through play. I have set some options for you to choose from below. These do not all need to be completed and can be more independent for your child to complete and play maybe even alongside a sibling.


1. Music task: Check out the song ‘The flight of the bumblebee.’ Can you create different movements to show how a bumblebee would move to the music. 

Flight of the Bumblebee Animated in Color

2. Creative task: Look at the butterfly picture below. What patterns do you notice on its wings? Create your own butterfly outline, paper shapes and glue to create patterned butterfly wings. Could you explore symmetry and make the butterflies wings the same on each side?