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26th January

Good morning everyone.

Thank you for all the work sent in from yesterday.  I will be catching up with emails as soon as I can.

As per our usual Tuesday timetable, you will see we also have P.E and music on the page today.

If you need any help or have any questions, please do email me, and I will respond as soon as I can.

Have a lovely day, and I look forward to seeing your work and photos later!




To start with, and to warm your brains up, have a look at the division game below.


Doggy Division Dinners (


For the main maths session, Year 1 children will be continuing to work on subtraction, with Year 2 children looking at odd and even numbers. You can watch the clips listed below, then have a look at the sheets attached.


Year 1 Learning objective – To work out subtraction problems crossing 10.


Spring Week 4 – Number: Addition and Subtraction (within 20) | White Rose Maths Watch clip 2


Year 2 Learning objective – To understand about odd and even numbers.


Spring Week 4 - Number: Multiplication and Division | White Rose Maths



Times tables


To continue to practice your times tables in a fun way, have a look at the game below.


Times tables Tommy's Trek - Times Tables - Mathsframe



Learning objective - To answer questions by making inferences about an image.


Today for reading we will be looking again at inference, where you use what you have read of seen to answer questions. Today we will be using an image which you can see below. There is no need to print off the sheet, as you can just answer the questions on paper. Watch the zoom clip, then see if you can answer the questions about the image.

Reading 26.1.21.mp4

Still image for this video





Today in our topic lesson we will be thinking about all the things you are good at.  Watch the short powerpoint and then draw yourself as a superhero. Remember to label  your super features, and make your picture bright and colourful. Some of you might want to try and draw on a computer program.

We are superheroes.mp4

Still image for this video



Today in our GPS session, Y1 will be looking at putting capital letters in the correct places. Remember, you need them to start a sentence, and for the word 'I' and for proper nouns. Watch the clip below for a reminder.


Y1 – Learning objective - To put the capital letters in the right places.


KS1 English: Capital Letters & Full Stops - BBC Teach


Year 2 children will be looking at subject and verb agreement.

Singular subjects need singular verbs (the dog is playing); plural subjects need plural verbs (the dogs are playing). This is called subject-verb agreement.

Tricky cases to watch out for:

  • Pronouns such as everyone and everybody are always singular, so they need a singular verb. (Everyone likes ice-cream, or Everybody went to the park.)
  • Pronouns like all or some can be plural (if the people or things referred to by the pronoun can be counted: some boys, all children) or singular (if the people or things referred to by the pronoun cannot be counted but are seen as a singular quantity: some sugar, all the flour).
  • None can be used as a singular or plural pronoun (None of them is... / None of them are...).


Y2 – Learning objective - To begin to understand the concept of subject and verb agreement. 



Learning objective - To identify the correct spelling pattern for words with the long vowel 'a'


In phonics today we will continue our work on the long vowel ‘ a’ sound, which is linked with this week's spellings. You will be looking at the spelling patterns, 'ai' like in snail, and 'ay' like in the word dayLook at the sheet below and see if you can identify the correct spelling patterns for each word, then try and write a few sentences of your own.




Today's P.E lesson has been kindly set up by us by Mrs De'Ath, who would usually be taking the lesson on a Tuesday. Look at the tasks below and see what you would like to try today.



Today I have put two links below which take you to the Sing Up website, see if you can find a song you want to learn, and if you find one you really like, do let me know and we can share it on the home learning page for others to try.


Songs to get moving | Sing Up


Primary Topic Songs | 4-7 | Sing Up