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28th January

Thursday 28th January

Good morning everyone. Once again, I would like to say a massive thank you to all of you for all your hard work, and to all the parents and grandparents for all your support with the home learning tasks.

You will see below the usual range of lessons as we usually have would on a Thursday. I have added some P.E activities in synch with our usual Thursday timetable.

Please remember it is not necessary to print off the sheets provided, please just use paper if it is easier for you.

I hope you all have a good day!





Maths warm up

Have a look at the game below, you played this yesterday looking at times tables.  If Year 1 children can carry on  looking at subtraction games, and Year 2 have a look at the division games that would be helpful, and linking in with the areas of maths we have covered this week.


Karate Cats Maths (


Year 1 Learning Objective – To compare number sentences.


Spring Week 4 – Number: Addition and Subtraction (within 20) | White Rose Maths watch comparing number sentences.


Year 2 Learning Objective – To divide by 10.

Spring Week 4 - Number: Multiplication and Division | White Rose Maths watch divide by 10.



Times tables 

Have a look at the multiplication game below. Choose the set of times tables you have been practicing, or look at 10,5 or 2 times tables.


Coconut Multiples - Reinforce Times Tables (



Today our reading task is linked with the comprehension skill of explaining.  Watch the zoom clip first, followed by the film. Then see if you can answer the questions from the sheet below.



Reading 28.1.21.mp4

Still image for this video

Film clip Bubbles - THE LITERACY SHED


Learning Objective – To explain thoughts and opinions about a film clip




Today our topic lesson is a DT based task. You will be making your own Superhero mask! You can use the template below, or make one of your own. Remember to think carefully about what design you would like, and the colours you are going to use. I can’t wait to see the finished products! Watch the power point video below. You may need to pause it at times.


Learning objective – To design purposeful, functional, appealing products for themselves based on design criteria.

Topic 28.1.21.mp4

Still image for this video




You will see there are two different tasks today, one for each year group, though both involve rearranging words in sentences. Year 1 will be sorting out mixed up sentences so they make sense. One way to help you get started is to see what word has a capital letter, as this will help you work out where the sentence begins.

Year 2 children will be changing the order of words in a sentence to change it from a statement into a question.

You will find worksheets for both year groups below.


Year 1 -  Learning objective – To correctly write out mixed sentences


Year 2 -  To rearrange words to change the sentence types




For the last time this week we will be looking at the long vowel 'a' sound, today learning some of the different spelling patterns that are used less frequently. Have a look at the sheet below, and see if you can write some interesting sentences using the words listed.



For P.E today have a look at the superhero workouts below, or if the weather allows maybe have a nice walk or bike ride for exercise.


'THE BLACK PANTHER' Workout For Kids - YouTube