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4th February

I am so sorry our registration zoom meeting did not go as planned. It was due to technical issues here, so please accept my apologies. Hopefully we will be back up and running as normal tomorrow!

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well? 


Below you will find the work and activities for the day.  After the zoom registration meeting at 10am, we will have the Thursday tutor group session, which is with the first group of Year 1 children. I have found it useful to have these smaller catch up meetings after the main registration session. You will see I have also added some Superhero themed P.E activities, to link in with our current topic, in line with our usual time table in class. 

 Have a fun day everyone!




Maths warm up - Log onto Splash Learn, and have a look at the task I have set, linking with subtraction. You will see your log-in details below.


Year 1 log in details

1. Visit
2. Enter class code UEVZTJ
3. Select your profile
4. Select picture password : shoe


Year 2 log in details

1. Visit
2. Enter class code UDSJUB
3. Select your profile
4. Enter password : exam63


The main maths for Year 1 children is to look more at place value up to 50. Watch the clip '10s and 1s', then have a look at the worksheets linked with it. There are 2 sheets today, so see how you get on. 


Year 1 Spring Week 5 – Number: Place Value (within 50) | White Rose Maths watch 10s and 1s


Year 1 Learning Objective – Place value within 50, looking at 10s and 1s.

Year 2 children will be continuing their work on data handling and statistics, looking again at pictograms, where data is represented pictorially. Watch the clip about drawing pictograms, then have a look at the 2 worksheets linked to it.


Year 2 Spring Week 5 - Statistics | White Rose Maths Watch draw pictograms



Year 2 Learning objective – Use data to draw pictograms.


Times tables  


Log onto this website; The 2 times table - BBC Bitesize


Listen to the fun song then have a go at the activities. You need to drag and drop the answers, then click on check.



Learning objective – To think about the sequencing of key events within a film.


Watch the short film Adventures are the Pits, it's about a boy in a ball pit, and is quite funny! He does a few things you will know he shouldn't do too!

The reading task is a sequencing task, watch the zoom video first, then the film clip. I have put extra instructions below if you need them, and the sequencing sheet. I hope you enjoy the film as much as I did!



Reading 4.2.21.mp4

Still image for this video

Adventures are the Pits - Ringling Thesis 2011



Learning objective – To think about how you can be super by being helpful to your family with everyday tasks.


Today I want you to be a Superkid! Take pictures of yourself being a ‘superkid’ at home. Maybe you tidied your room or helped wash the dishes? Perhaps you helped look after a pet? Send your pictures to me so I can see how super helpful you have been.

Watch the zoom clip first. Have fun being super helpful!


Topic superkid.mp4

Still image for this video




Year 1 – Learning objective – To match irregular verbs in the present and past tense.


Today in Year 1, we will be looking at irregular verbs, the doing words, and how they change when put into the past tense. Watch the power point video, you may need to pause it at certain points. Think about whether the verbs sound correct if you just add 'ed', it really helps to say them out loud. Once you have watched the video, see if you can match the verbs from their present tense, to past tense.

You will find the worksheet below the video.




Y1 GPS 4.2.21 Power point.mp4

Still image for this video

Year 2 – Learning objective – To correctly use apostrophes of possession.


Today we will continue our work on apostrophes of possession, you all did brilliantly yesterday, so I have just made a short video to watch today. Watch the video, then have a look at the worksheet below it.



Y2 GPS 4.2.21.mp4

Still image for this video



Learning objective – To use the correct spelling pattern for the ‘air’ sound


Linking with our spellings, we will look again at spelling patterns for the 'air' sound. See if you can identify the correct spelling in each sentence, then choose three 'air' sound words, and write some sentences of your own. Don't forget your capital letters and punctuation. Year 2, you might like to try and add in some adjectives and speech marks too.



For P.E today, I have found some Spiderman themed workouts for you to try. Remember if the weather is nice, a lovely walk, bike ride or any outdoor exercise is really good for you too!

Have fun!


'5 Alive' Kids Workout with Spiderman | The Body Coach TV - YouTube


Spider-Man's Workout For Kids #1 - YouTube