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Love to Learn - Learn to Love

5th February

Yeye, we made it to another Friday Acorns! 😊

This means we have completed our firth week of home learning! You have all tried so hard with your learning and completed some great mental health challenges and activities too. Well done!

 I am sorry to say but Mrs Trusler is 1-0 up on our weekly challenges, well done to all of your that had a go at the smarties challenge. Check out our weekly challenge page on Monday for your new challenge! Let’s hope Acorns can win next week.

Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday for our registration.

Please continue to send your work to us each day, so we can provide any feedback and see how hard you are working! Its lovely to see all your hard work on our amazing home learning page.  


Our daily outline of what your day will look like today:





Choosing activities

Maths task:

Today we will be wrapping up our learning on making pairs alongside our learning the numbers 6, 7 and 8. We will be digging deeper and thinking about how to make 6, 7 and 8 using pairs practically.


  1. Using the ten frame and frog characters below, make the numbers 6, 7 and 8 on a ten frame. Can you see how many without needing to count in ones? Encourage them to build 6, 7 and 8 onto the 10 frames in pairs – what do they notice? Are there any odd ones? Why?

2. How Many Now?

Count out 6 cubes, small objects, or Lego bricks with your child, then cover them so they can’t be seen. Add one or two more items. How many are there now? What if we took one or two items away? Encourage them to make jottings or drawings of their answer or to use their fingers to help them solve the problem. 


3. Composition of 6,7,8

Draw a large circle and colour it blue for a ‘pool’. Draw out 8 small fish on another piece of paper and cut them out. How could we arrange the fish into pairs? What do you notice?

How many different ways can we arrange the fish in the pool to make 6, 7, and 8?

You could then try and make different representations of 6, 7, and 8 and show them in pairs using different items such as cars for a car park or animals on a farm.  

Reading task:

Have a look at your wonderful story books at home. Do you have a favourite? Pick one of your favourite story books and draw a picture of your favourite part. You could also write a short sentence explaining why its your favourite story or scene.

My favourite book is Paddington. I love this story because his an extremely cute bear wearing a hat, that eventually finds a happy home with the Brown family. My favourite scene is the picture below, when Paddington doesn’t know how to use the bath and ends up flying down in the stairs in the bathtub. It always makes me laugh!

Topic task: Magic’ bean – Day 4

Wow, this week you have discovered some ‘magic’ beans, and all taken great care of them! Yesterday you looked after and gave them some water, checking if they had grown.

I wonder what has happened to your ‘magic’ beans today?

Check out my picture below to discover what my magic beans have turned into? I hope yours have grown into something exciting!

After you have discovered what your ‘magic’ beans have grown into, draw a picture of your findings and label them using the diary document below. Then add this to your ‘magic’ bean diary that you have created through out the week.  


Parents the magic beans have grown into something magical today for your child to find! Its up to you what this is, it could be lollypops, sweets, gold coins. Please put what has grown where your magic beans are planted. 

Magic beans have grown! - Topic

Choosing activities:

As part of our EYFS Curriculum the children would access a range of choosing activities and learn together and individually through play. I have set some options for you to choose from below. These do not all need to be completed and can be more independent for your child to complete and play maybe even alongside a sibling.


1. Music task: Choose a song or rhyme from Goldilocks and the three bears. Have a go at learning the words and creating some actions to help you remember it. Can you perform after you have learnt it? 


2. Creative task: Create a fairy tale puppet. You could use paper or junk modelling from around the home. Then attach some string to make your puppet move.