Sedley's Church of England

Primary School

Love to Learn - Learn to Love

5th January

Morning Acorns! laugh

It was lovely to see you at registration this morning. 



Our daily outline of what your day will look like: 





Today's learning activities are set out below. The children should know which phonics group they were before Christmas, if you are unsure please email us and we will get back to you. 

Reading task:  

Please read with your child daily. You can use the link above to log in and select different reading books to have a go at. 

Please ensure you open the power-point and select full screen before working through the slides. This will automatically share the voiceovers on each slide. 

Topic task: 

1. Please watch the video below of Mrs Trusler reading the story 'Jack and the beanstalk'. After discuss what happens in the story, using the characters names and identifying main events. 


2. Draw the different events that happen in the story and retell the story orally to an adult. 


3. You could add your own captions or linking words to each picture if you wish too. 


Jack and the beanstalk story

5th January - topic story

Phonics tasks: 

Click on the icon below for your group and complete the different activities.