Sedley's Church of England

Primary School

Love to Learn - Learn to Love

8th February

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well and had a lovely restful weekend. 


Below you will find the work and activities for the day.  Our zoom registration today will be up to the full half hour for everyone from 10am. This gives us a chance to catch up after the weekend.   


You will see we have R.E today rather than topic, following our usual class timetable for a Monday.


Have a fun day everyone and stay warm!





Maths warm up – have a look at the task set for you on the splashlearn site.


Year 1 log in details

1. Visit
2. Enter class code UEVZTJ
3. Select your profile
4. Select picture password : shoe


Year 2 log in details

1. Visit
2. Enter class code UDSJUB
3. Select your profile
4. Enter password : exam63


For the main maths task, we will be looking at more work on place value for Year 1, while Year 2 children will continue their work on data handling. Watch the video clips below, then have a go at the worksheets.



Year 1 Spring Week 6 – Number: Place Value (within 50) | White Rose Maths watch 1 more 1 less


Year 1 Learning Objective – To be able find one more and one less from a given number


Year 2 Learning objective – To draw pictograms 2,5,10


Spring Week 6 - Statistics | White Rose Maths watch the first clip.




Times tables


Click on the set of times tables you are learning in this fun game.


Tommy's Trek - Times Tables - Mathsframe


For those of you confident with a range of times tables you might like this game.


Multiplication Tile Crash - Mathsframe



Learning objective – To make predictions about what might happen at the end of a story.


Today in our reading session you will be listening to the beginning of a story, and making predictions about what might happen next. Watch the first zoom video, then look at the worksheet attached below. You do not need to print it off. Once you have written or typed your predictions, if you want to find out what happens at the end of the book, you can watch the second clip. I look forward to reading all of your ideas!


Reading part 1 8.2.21.mp4

Still image for this video

Reading part 2 8.2.21.mp4

Still image for this video



Learning objective - To think about what Christians pray for.


Watch the power point video below and then have a look at the worksheet below.

R.E 8.2.21.mp4

Still image for this video



Our GPS work for today is looking at and beginning to learn our spellings that are due to be tested on Friday.



Learning objective – To look at the long vowel ‘i’ sound looking at how the magic ‘e’ changes the vowel sound.


Today, we are going to be looking again at the long vowel 'i' sound, which links with this week's spellings. Watch the YouTube clip below, then have a look at the worksheet linked with it.




Mike the Pike: long vowel sound 'i' (i-e split digraph/magic e) by phab fonics