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Primary School

Love to Learn - Learn to Love

8th January

Happy Friday Acorns! 😊

Well done for making it through your first week of home schooling. It has been lovely to see your amazing work and how much fun you are having doing your learning!

Please continue to keep sending your amazing pictures in and we will provide feedback.  


Our daily outline of what your day will look like:





Maths task: This week we have looked at days of the week, our school routine and explored what comes first, next, and later. Today your task is to make an obstacles course thinking about what will come first? What comes next? What is at the end? Then can you make picture cards for each part of your obstacles course to explain the instructions to an adult or sibling.

 As an extra challenge could you use a timer to see how long it takes you to complete your course. Can anyone in your house beat your time? Who will be the faster?

Have a look at my picture cards below

Topic task: Today’s topic is a range of engaging activities to end our first week for our ‘Will you read me a story’ topic. Please complete at least two activities from below if you wish to complete more you can.


1.Castles & Kingdoms – If you have a castle or a small world playhouse at home, create a small world imaginative play scene with character figures. You could even build your own castle first. Can they re-tell familiar stories using the props? Do they introduce a narrative to their play?  


2. Giants! – Create some giant footprints, could you do this by drawing around someone’s foot, printing your foot and printing onto paper and cutting them out. Then creating a route that goes up and down steps, over and under obstacles. Can you complete the Giants course? Do you rung, walk or jump along?


3. Wands and wishes – Create your own ‘magical’ wand. You could use painting sticks or lolly sticks for the handle and a star shape for the top. Don’t forgot that glitter and bright colours. What wishes will you make with your ‘magic’ wand? Do you know any fairy tale characters that would have a wand?


4. Building bridges – Read the billy goats gruff story or watch the link below. What different bridges can you think of? Take a look at the pictures below before having a go at making your own. You could use building blocks, Lego, or construction materials you find around the house, such as cardboard boxes, tubes, rolled up newspaper.


5. Goodies and baddies – Use the PowerPoint of fairy tale characters to discuss whether they are a good or bad character and why. You can print the pictures or draw your own, then sort the characters into a good and bad side.

Reading task: Watch the story below. Can you answer these questions about the story?

  1. What different places does the snail and whale visit?
  2. Which would be your favourite place to go? Why?
  3. How does the snail feel when he gets help for the whale?
  4. Why do they become good friends?

Snail and the whale story