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9th February

Good morning everybody, you will see below the work for the day, as well as our Tuesday P.E lesson kindly provided by Mrs De’Ath. As today is Safer Internet Day, the reading task is linked with this important topic.


Please do have a look at both the splashlearn maths website, and Teach Your Monster to read. These are both fun learning websites and will help to consolidate learning in these key areas.





Maths warm up – have a look at the task set for you on the splashlearn site.


Year 1 log in details

1. Visit
2. Enter class code UEVZTJ
3. Select your profile
4. Select picture password : shoe


Year 2 log in details

1. Visit
2. Enter class code UDSJUB
3. Select your profile
4. Enter password : exam63


The main maths tasks today, look again at one more and one less for Year 1, while Year 2 will continue their work on pictograms. Watch the clips linked below, then have a look at the worksheet.


Year 1 Learning Objective – To find one more and one less of a given number

Spring Week 6 – Number: Place Value (within 50) | White Rose Maths watch the second clip



Year 2 Learning objective – To draw pictograms 2,5,10


Spring Week 6 - Statistics | White Rose Maths watch the second clip



Times tables


Click on the link to the game below and click on the multiplication truck to play.


Mental Maths Train - A Four Operations Game (



Today is Safer internet day so our reading work is linked with this. Watch the clip below, or click on the link to read the book yourself. Then see if you can answer questions about the text.


Learning objective – To retrieve key information from a text.


Watch or read for yourself Detective Digiduck! Click on the link below, then see if you can answer the questions about it.

Detective Digiduck! - Childnet






Learning objective - To research heroic facts using the media as a research tool.


Read a newspaper with a parent or watch the news and see if you can spot any stories about people doing heroic things. It could be the Doctors and nurses working so hard at the moment, or any of the emergency services. Maybe you will find out about heroic acts in other countries too.  Watch the short video below, and then see what you can find out. You might want to visit the children's news website Newsround. I have put the link below.


Home - CBBC Newsround

Topic 9.2.21.mp4

Still image for this video





Year 1 and Year 2 Learning objective – To use preposition words to describe a picture.


Both year groups will be working on preposition words today. There is a fun YouTube song to watch, and a power point video, once you have watched them both, have a look at the worksheet below.



The Prepositions Song | English Songs | Scratch Garden

Y1 and Y2 Preposition video.mp4

Still image for this video



Learning objective – To look at the long vowel ‘i’ sound looking at the ‘igh’ spelling pattern.


Watch the YouTube song about the 'igh' sound, and then have a try at the worksheet below.




Phonics igh Sound Song "Bright Light Night Fright" - Phonics song for kids!



Have a look at the P.E activities below. Hopefully you can have some fun playing in the snow too!

Safer Internet Day


You might want to watch this lesson on Safer Internet Day.


Safer Internet Day - Live Lesson - BBC Teach


Other links you might like to look at include;


Primary - Childnet


Safer Internet Day 2021 Quiz | Safer Internet Centre



Get involved in Safer Internet Day 2021