Church Street, Southfleet, Kent, DA13 9NR

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Sedley's Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

From tiny acorns mighty oaks grow. We plant the seeds, but it is God that makes them grow.

Sedley's Staff and governors

Sedley's Staff

Mrs Martin – Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Leader

Mrs Briggs – Y3/Y4 Senior Teacher

Mr Doig & Mrs C King – Y5/Y6 Teachers

Mrs H King – Y1/Y2 Teacher

Mrs Trusler - YR Teacher

Mrs Schulze - Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Mrs Moore – School Administrator/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader/Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs Dartnell – Administration Assistant 

Mrs De’Ath – Teaching Assistant/Mid-day Supervisor/Breakfast Club

Mrs Thompson – Teaching Assistant/Mid-day Supervisor

Mr Vaughan – Teaching Assistant/Mid-day Supervisor/Breakfast Club

Miss MacDonald - Teaching Assistant/Mid-day Supervisor/Breakfast Club

Mr Rasho – Caretaker/Cleaner


Sedley's Governors

Mr Brown – Chairman (Finance and Buildings/Grounds Committees).

Mrs Humphreys – Vice Chair, Parent Foundation Governor (Finance and Curriculum Committees).

Mrs Martin – Headteacher.

Mrs De'Ath - Staff member

Mr Owen - Finance Committee.

Mrs Feakins – Parent Governor (Pupil Premium and Admissions Committees).

Mrs Waghorn – Foundation Governor (Admissions/Curriculum Committee and Holidays in Term Time Link).

Mr Thompson – Parent Governor (Curriculum Committee).

Mrs Collins – Parent Governor (Admissions/Sports Premium/Safeguarding/SEND/CLA Link and Holidays in Term Time Link).


Pay Sub-Committee – Finance Committee except for staff governors. (Mrs Martin, as Headteacher, may attend or be represented at any main committee)

Special/Appeal/Ad Hoc Committees – three governors including chair or vice not previously involved.


The agreed code of conduct was the 'NGA Code of Conduct' which applied to governors when carrying out their role as a school governor.

Mr Mike Carpenter – MJR Consultancy Clerk to the Governors.  Clerking is provided by Clerking and Appeals Associates Ltd.   

The Governors have a long-standing association with the school. Their role is to provide support and challenge to the school.