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Welcome to Sapling's Home Learning page. Our teachers have created Home Learning for our pupils to work from. These include activities from across the curriculum and are linked to current class topics. We have provided a range of online and off-screen activities. We hope you have fun carrying out your learning at home. Please keep all your work, with pictures to share when we see you again.  

Our staff will update this page each Thursday with great activities for you to complete at home.

Please follow this link for daily online video lessons using the Oaks National Academy. This is a high quality resource provided by the government and includes a daily English, Maths and Foundation subject lesson. The lessons are led by qualified teachers and are easy to play and pause to allow you child to complete the tasks set.

Year 3 

Year 4

Home Learning Pack Week 7

Home Learning from your Teacher Term 6 Week 2:

Home Learning Pack Week 6

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Home Learning Activity ideas for Half term week

 1. Reading Challenge - Y3 Y4.pdfDownload
 2. Baking Flapjacks - Y3 Y4.pdfDownload
 3. Writing Activity - Y3 Y4.pdfDownload
 4. Bingo - Y3 Y4.pdfDownload
 5. Masonic Cipher Practical Activity - Y3 Y4.pdfDownload
 6. Build a Den - Y3 Y4.pdfDownload
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Home Learning Pack Week 5

 year-3-week-5-home-learning-pack (1).pdfDownload
 year-3-week-5-home-learning-pack-parent-guidance-and-answers (1).pdfDownload
 year-4-week-5-home-learning-pack (1).pdfDownload
 year-4-week-5-home-learning-pack-guidance-and-answers (1).pdfDownload
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Home Learning Pack Week 4

 year-3-week-4-home-learning-pack (2).pdfDownload
 year-3-week-4-home-learning-pack-parent-guidance-and-answers (1).pdfDownload
 year-4-week-4-home-learning-pack (2).pdfDownload
 year-4-week-4-home-learning-pack-guidance-and-answers (1).pdfDownload
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Home Learning Pack Week 3

 year-3-week-3-home-learning-pack-1- (1).pdfDownload
 year-3-week-3-home-learning-pack-parent-guidance-and-answers (2).pdfDownload
 year-4-week-3-home-learning-pack (4).pdfDownload
 year-4-week-3-home-learning-pack-guidance-and-answers (2).pdfDownload
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Home Learning Pack Week 2

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Previous Home Learning tasks

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