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Friday 12th February

Good Morning Saplings!

As part of your home learning today, there is a focus on Chinese New Year and some of the activities are based around this theme. I hope you enjoy the tasks. It is positive Friday everyone! Keep going! You are all doing a really well!


Plan for today’s home learning:

  • Topic Lesson
  • Chinese New Year lesson
  • Reading activity
  • Times tables
  • Spellings
  • PE
  • Additional activities: Music and Art


Topic Lesson

Learning title: My Favourite State in the USA  

This is our last 'Road Trip to the USA' topic lesson and each one of you have completed some amazing work over the term. Your first task today is to draw the USA flag. Once you have done this, I would like you to choose a US state which you have enjoyed learning about this term and then inside your USA flag , write down why this is your favourite state? Try to give as many reasons as you can. For example, Florida is my favourite state because of the many tourist attractions  and famous landmarks.


Still image for this video

Chinese New Year lesson

Learning Objective: to explore Chinese New Year celebrations

Your first task for this lesson is to go through PowerPoint 1 and 2 below. These PowerPoints explain how China celebrates their New Year.  Once you have done this, your activity is to write down the similarities and differences between Chinese New Year celebrations and the New Year celebrations here in England (UK) using the template below (underneath both PowerPoints). 

For example, one similarity is that both countries use fireworks to celebrate New Year's. 

Chinese New Year PowerPoint 1

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Chinese New Year PowerPoint 2.mp4

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Reading Activity

Learning objective: to complete a set of retriveal questions with different reading domains

The reading text today is based on Chinese New Year. Your task is to read the text below and then answer the comprehension questions.  

Times Tables

Learning Objective: to recall a set of multiplication and division facts

Quiz (test) day! There are 2 PowerPoint quizzes (tests) below- Year 3 and 4 have separate ones.  Your task is to write down the answers on a piece of paper to the calculations on the PowerPoint. Please note the sides are timed.


Year 3 PowerPoint-x3 and x4 (multiplication/division) quiz

Year 3 tables-test-powerpoint.mp4

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Year 4 PowerPoint-x7 and x9 (multiplication/division) quiz


Year 4 tables-test-powerpoint.mp4

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Learning Objective: to develop accurate spelling

Spelling test. Please could you ask a family member to test you and send in your results. Good luck! I have added the spelling list below if you would like to practice them before doing your test.


Mrs D has prepared another Dance activity for your PE lesson this week. Please find the video below.

How To Dance - Can't Stop The Feeling

Additional Activities


The link below provides a range of home learning songs with activities you may like to try. 


The art activity attached explains how to create your own Chinese Lantern. If you would like to complete this activity, you will need a piece of paper and a pair of scissors.