Sedley's Church of England

Primary School

Love to Learn - Learn to Love

Friday 15th January


Good Morning Saplings Class!


Plan for today’s home learning:


  • Maths time tables
  • Maths activity
  • Reading activity
  • Topic activity
  • GPS spelling test

Maths: L/O: to develop rapid recall of multiplication tables

Times Tables

Test today! There are 2 Powerpoints – one for Y3 and 1 for Y4. It is on a Powerpoint and the slides are timed, so play the slideshow from the beginning. Press Slideshow and play from beginning.

Y3 Times Tables Powerpoint

Maths: L/O: to use previous knowledge to solve mathematical problems with  a varied approach

Using your knowledge from the week’s learning, try to tackle these ‘varied fluency’ questions.

Y4 Varied Fluency 1

Y4 Varied Fluency 2

Y4 Varied Fluency 3

Y3 Varied Fluency 1

Y3 Varied Fluency 2

The Raccoon and the Bee-Tree -Answers

Native American Lore

L/O: to locate information and make inferences


  1. What time of day did the raccoon awaken? Morning or evening?

He awoke in the evening at dusk.

  1. Where was his home?

His home was in the hollow of a tree.

  1. Name three birds that were the ‘water people’.

Three birds are swan, crane and loon.

  1. How many skunks were there?

There were 14 skunks altogether.

  1. What was stinging the raccoon?

Bees were sting the raccoon.

  1. Why wouldn’t raccoons come to his aid?

Because they were scared and didn’t recognise him.

  1. Name three animals that ran away from the raccoon.

Three animals that ran away were a raccoon, a bear and a fox.

  1. What might the raccoon do the next day?

Any ideas are acceptable that refer to the raccoons adventures. Eg. - He went to see the raccoon that he had scared to apologise to him.

Y3 and Y4 Can you answer the questions using inference skills?

Topic: – To research facts


HINT: When you search it on the internet, use KS2 after your key words words, then you get child friendly answers.


Research the battle of Little Bighorn. Make some notes on it.

You can choose to write it as a piece of text using paragraphs or write your notes as short bullet points.

GPS: L/O: to develop accurate spelling


Spelling test. Ask your family member to test you and send in your results.