Sedley's Church of England

Primary School

Love to Learn - Learn to Love

Friday 29th Jan

Good morning Oaks!

Your learning for today:

  • Maths
  • 'Frozen Kingdom' Topic (Geography)
  • Reading task
  • GPS (spelling test)
  • PSHE
  • Mental Maths Quiz


L.O. To add/subtract whole numbers as decimals

Watch the video introduction. Remember that you can pause or replay the video if you need to. Complete the worksheet then check your work using the answers provided.


Add Or Sub Wholes As Decimals-1.m4v

Still image for this video

Topic (Geography)

L.O. To explain how humans function in the place they live

Look again at the information sheet from yesterday, 'Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic'. Choose a different group to study today. Use online research to complete another 'Indigenous People Recording Sheet'. Using the information you have discovered from both days, evaluate how the climate and landscape affect the lives of people in the Arctic. How have the people successfully adapted to these conditions? Compare the two groups you have studied. Do their ways of life share any similarities or differences? 

Reading task

L.O. To infer, predict, summarise and develop vocabulary skills

Read the second part of the story 'My Pet Polar Bear' and answer the questions that follow. You do not need to print the sheet. Remember to write in full sentences and check your answers when you have finished.

GPS - Spelling test

Play the video and complete your spelling test. You may pause or replay the video if you need to. Once you have finished, use the answers to mark your test and work out your score - don't forget to email it to me!

Y5 Spellings 29.1.21-1.m4v

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Y6 Spellings 29.1.21-1.m4v

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L.O. To understand the concept and impact of positive thinking

Watch the video below on how to deal with negative thoughts and how to develop a positive mental attitude. You will probably need to pause it often as it moves through the slides quite quickly! You will need a pencil and paper as there is a short task to complete.


Still image for this video
Mental Maths Quiz