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Love to Learn - Learn to Love

Friday 8th January

Good Morning Saplings!

We have now done our first week of Home Learning! I have seen some brilliant work- well done all of you!


The plan for today’s Home Learning:


-A Topic Lesson (Learning project)

-A Maths Lesson

-A GPS activity

-A Reading task

-Times Table practice


Learning objective: to create your own postcard

The day has arrived Saplings… you are going to be creating your own postcard today! Remember, you are on a road trip to the USA and on this trip,  you have visited some US states (the ones you chose on Wednesday). Using your plan from yesterday, we would like you to write a postcard to a family member or a friend back home.  Below is a template you may like to use for your postcard. You can design your own postcard if you want to and please remember to add key features (eg.stamp). You may like to use the PowerPoint from yesterday explaining the different features of a postcard (this is attached below) to help you. On the front of your postcard, you can draw a picture e.g. the USA flag. You can make your postcard as colourful as you like.


Still image for this video

Here is an example below of how you may like to start the writing for your postcard:

Dear Matthew,

I am having so much in the USA!  It is an amazing place with lots to do like                                        . On the road trip so far, I have visited New York, ………………


Learning objective: to identify mistakes in a set of calculations


Today, you are going to be a Maths investigator! You will use the multiplication skills you have learnt throughout this week to solve a set of calculations that have some mistakes in. Your job is to spot the mistake (circle it) and then write out the correct calculation.  


Below is a PowerPoint for this lesson that goes through some examples of how to solve the calculations on your worksheet(s). Please note when using the presentation, you will need to enter full-screen mode so that the voice over will work. Once you have done this, go to the right-hand side of each slide on the presentation where you will see a sound icon and you will need to click on this to access the audio.   

Please find the maths worksheets for both year groups below and on there are some extra challenges you may like to try as well. If you get stuck at any point, please do go back to other PowerPoints on the website.

Year 3

Here is your worksheet below. Try to complete as many calculations as you can. Please don’t worry about printing the worksheet, they can be written out on a piece of paper.

Year 4

Here is your worksheet below. Try to complete as many calculations as you can. Please don’t worry about printing the worksheet, they can be written out on a piece of paper.

GPS activity

For each year group, there is a separate GPS activity below.


Year 3

Learning objective: to identify the differences between personal and possessive pronouns


Yesterday, you started to look at what pronouns were. Today you will focus on personal and possessive pronouns.  The PowerPoint below explains the term for these types of pronouns with an example. Once you have looked at the PowerPoint, please find the worksheet below to complete.

Year 4

Learning objective: create your own similies and metaphors

Yesterday, you had to add either a simile or a metaphor to complete a sentence. Today,  the aim is to create your own similies and metaphors. Please find the attached worksheet below.

Reading Task

Learning objective: use inference/prediction to create meaning from a picture

You will use this picture below to answer a set of questions (these are underneath the image).


  1. What do you think the biscuit was used for?
  2. What do you think the expression on the lady’s face would show?
  3. If you designed a world, what would it be made from?
  4. Where would your world be based?
  5. How would you look after your world once it has been created?

Times Tables


Learning objective: to recall multiplication facts

Practice your times tables for 10 minutes each day.

Year 3: can you choose one of these times tables to focus on: x2, x4, x5, x10, x8

Year 4: can you choose any of these times tables up to x12

You may like to use this game below to help you practice your times tables.