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Friday Fun Day

Friday fun day!


Good morning everyone, and welcome to our Friday Fun Day page. There will be no live sessions today, so this is a day for you to do some fun activities together. We are lucky the sun is shining, so I hope you can choose something you enjoy doing from some of the fun ideas below.


Click on the link to find out how to make a bird feeder.


Make a Recycled Bird Feeder | Fun Activities for Kids - The RSPB


Make edible slime! You will find the recipe below. You might want to try messy jelly too!


Build a mini-beast hotel - click on the link to find out what to do. How to Make a Minibeast Hotel | Wild Challenge - The RSPB


Do some cooking with your family. 


Go on an outdoor Scavenger hunt. Look at the sheet below for some ideas. 


Build a den, this can be inside or outside depending on the weather.


Make up a P.E warm up routine for your class. Maybe we can try it out next week?


Make a journey stick - When you’re out on a walk, pick up a stick and encourage your child to collect natural objects such as leaves, feathers and acorns.


Back at home, help your child attach the things they found to their stick, using wool, thread or glue, to create a ‘journey stick:’ a concrete reminder of their outing.


Think of your class topic, and make an image related to it.  You could draw or paint something, or even use a computer to make your image.


Have a lovely fun Friday, and a great weekend!


Mrs King