Sedley's Church of England

Primary School

Love to Learn - Learn to Love


Supporting children at home with their learning is so important and there is such a lot that can be done that will have a positive impact!  So many activities and interactions can develop a range of skills and knowledge and here at Sedley's we value the whole curriculum, therefore, our homework gives our pupils the chance to deepen their learning and enjoyment in a selection of subjects.  


There are some fundamental activities that should be completed regularly at home eg reading , practice times tables and other mental maths calculations, handwriting/letter formation but we believe that children learn so much from simple activities such as playing a board game, making a cake, going for a walk!  There are learning opportunities everywhere, especially when good quality conversation and interactions are at the heart of what you do.  


Children at Sedley's will bring home a selection of tasks each term, covering a variety of subjects and they can be completed in any order in a variety of ways.  These open ended tasks allow children to be creative with how they record their learning, and teachers enjoy seeing the different ways that they are done.