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Love to Learn - Learn to Love

Mon 22nd Feb

Good Morning Oaks class!

We hope you have had a wonderful half term.


GPS - Spellings






Maths Activity



Open the document below to find this week's spellings.


This term we would like to see EVERYONE trying the questions which are asked during the maths presentations. This will mean jotting down your answers in a writing pad and marking as you go along. I would like to see these sent to me along with your actual tasks completed.

As always, ensure everything has been marked before sending in.


The worksheets can be quite long as there are many images on them, so you may prefer to answer on a writing pad.


Another reason why you will find the question sheets longer is because the optional questions are within the same question sheet.


So please think about whether you really want to print out everything or complete on your writing pad.


Yr5 LO To tell the time minutes past the hour and minutes to the hour on an analogue clock and recognise digital times

Yr 5 Maths presentation

Still image for this video

Yr6 LO To find one-step rules

Yr6 Maths Presentation

Still image for this video


LO - To find out who the Victorians were

Listen to the presentation below where you will learn all about the Victorians.

Then open the ‘Victorian Timeline’ document as instructed in the presentation.

Topic Presentation

Still image for this video


Learning question: What is Humanism?


Open the presentation to learn about Humanists and their beliefs.

Make sure you have your writing pad and pen ready as you will need to complete tasks as you watch the presentation.

If you can't pause the screen then you can go back and revisit pages.



Focus – Vocabulary, retrieval and inference.

Open the document below to read some facts about Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale lived during the Victorian era.

Answer the questions which follow.


Then check your answers from the ‘Answers’ document.



In this lesson, we will recap our phonic sounds, the numbers to 12 and how to say our age. Then we will learn the months in French.



Open the tab in the French icon on the main class page for your lesson.


Maths Activity

Super maths bowling

In this game you need to answer the multiple-choice multiplication questions quickly and accurately, and the better you do the easier it is for you to aim the bowling ball at the pins by finding the right angle.

You can choose difficulty by year group too.