Sedley's Church of England

Primary School

Love to Learn - Learn to Love

Monday 18th Jan

Today's Learning

GPS - Spellings





Times tables game




Open the document below to find your spellings. There are tasks to complete on the document.


Today you will consider the question, 'Why do Christians pray?'

Open up the document below to find out what Jesus said. You will find three questions that you'll need to answer.


LO - To identify equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages.

Have a pen and paper ready while you watch the tutorial.

Maths presentation

Still image for this video


LO To make detailed notes drawing on reading and research where necessary.

You have been looking at animals from the Arctic and Antarctic. Today you will need to choose an animal that will become your main character in an adventure story which you will be writing over the next couple of days. You will be writing a paragraph about your animal.

Watch the first presentation for the introduction to your lesson.

Open the second presentation to learn more about what you will need to do. You will find there are 2 tasks to do.

Reading - Inference - Infer what’s not there

Watch the  film below. It is without words.

What do you think the birds might be saying in the film?


There is a document below the short film which you can print out to do your task on.

Fill in the speech bubbles, remember, you don’t use speech marks (inverted commas) in speech bubbles.

(If you can’t print out, draw simple sketches with what’s being said.)


For the Birds

This music was made for a school project.A Pixar video with audio created by David Redinha

Maths - Times tables quiz

Speed maths games – ‘Hit the button’

Play this game today to practise your times tables. You might want to hit the division facts button if your struggling with the divisions mostly or you could try the square numbers.