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Monday 1st March

Today is St. David's Day ! smiley

St. David is the patron saint of Wales and he is celebrated on the first of March.

Open the link below if you want to find out more about St. David's Day.








Maths Activity


Open the document below to find your spellings and tasks.



Yr 5 To consolidate multiplication and division

Watch the lesson being taught by a teacher in Oak Academy.

(don’t worry that it says ‘part 2’, part 1 would have been more suited for Yr3/4).

The lesson includes revisiting doubling; using known facts; recognising terms like factors and products; and using bar models.

You will have tasks and quizzes to complete during and at the end of the presentation.

Towards the end of the presentation you will need to complete an independent activity.

In case you cannot get on to that I have included the activity in a separate document.

 You will also find a further task which includes some problem solving questions to complete.

Yr6 LO - To form equations

Yr 6 Maths Presentation

Still image for this video

Topic - You must complete this task

LO -To consider and evaluate different roles of servants in Victorian times.    


Read all about ‘Victorian Shibden’, and find out about the family and servants who lived there. Pay particular attention to the chores which the servants had to do.

Then open the document to read more about the domestic servants whom a rich Victorian family would have employed.

TASK - Choose three servant roles and write detailed notes about the chores that they had to do.




Focus - inference

Look at the picture below. Answer the questions in the document.


What do Humanists value?


Watch the presentation below. You have three tasks to complete.

You will need to complete the tasks as you watch the presentation, so have a pen and paper ready.


One of the tasks involves drawing , so you will also need :


a pencil and rubber,

plain paper (or lined paper if you don’t have plain)

colouring pencils (optional)

RE Presentation

Still image for this video
You have 3 tasks to complete which are included in the presentation.


LO -To say the month your birthday is in

Open the link in the French tab on the main class page and watch the presentation and complete the activities.

Maths Activity

Multiplication Tables Check

You can set your own time and which tables you want to answer to see how fast you are at recalling your multiplication facts