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Monday 8th Feb

Listen out in today's registration on how to use the mental maths recording sheet below.

Get it ready today. It will be needed for Tuesday or Wednesday.








Maths Activity




GPS - Spellings


Open up the document below to find your spellings and tasks.


Open up the presentation for your year group and watch it in full screen mode.

Remember you can pause the presentation or return to any part to view again if you want to when completing your tasks.

Always mark your answers (or get an adult to mark) once you have completed the work.

 YR 5

LO To understand kilometres and convert between metres and kilometres


Yr 5 Maths presentation

Still image for this video

Yr 6

LO – To read, write and recognise all metric measures for length, mass and capacity


Yr 6 Maths presentation

Still image for this video


LO  To describe the distribution of natural resources in an area or country (Part 1)

Open up the ‘Natural resources recording sheet’ provided to record your findings for the lesson, or use the same format in your own writing pads.


First watch the powerpoint about renewable and non-renewable resources

You will find a range of natural resources mentioned in the powerpoint.


You may need to do further online research to find out where the natural resources are found and the ways in which humans use these resources. Ideas could include wood for furniture making and building, fish for food and oil and natural gas for cooking and heating.


Use the link below to find general information about natural resources.

You can click on the highlighted words to give you more information.


Everything you need to answer should be in the powerpoint or link provided, but

you can of course also research on the internet yourself.


Focus : Explain - To explain how meaning is enhanced through choice of language.


You have heard me read to the end of Chapter 3 of ‘The Call of the Wild’ last week.

Open the document below to find a short review of the book and a summary of Chapter 3.

You have questions to answer about Buck’s transformation from pampered pooch

to ‘dominant primordial beast’.


How would Jesus want his followers to live and behave?


In this final lesson we revisit our main question, ‘What would Jesus do?’

You need to write about how Jesus would want his followers to live and behave.


Open the document to read about how to complete your task.

Maths Activity

Play the ‘Mental Maths Train’ game

Select the multiply or division to play.


LO – To count to 12 and be able to say your age


Watch the lesson with tasks on counting to 12 and saying your age by selecting it from the French tab on Oaks main home learning page.