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Each day, there will be lots of fun activities for you to work on and even a live registration at 9.00am. You will find everything you need on this page.

We are really looking forward to seeing your amazing work, so please do send anything through to: and we will give you some feedback.


Please let us know if you are stuck on anything or if you have any questions about the Home Learning.  We are always here to help. You can fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you.



Our Topic will take you into the Victorian era. We will learn about Queen Victoria herself and other significant people from this time. Find out about Victorian culture and what it was like to live during this amazing time of great inventions. Discover how very difficult it was for poor people living in these times and what schools were like then.



In Maths, Yr 5s - you will start with revisiting time and then recapping on other previous learning. Yr6s - you will be starting out on algebra.

Then we will all move onto area and perimeter and graphs.



In RE, for the first few weeks we will learn about ‘Humanism’ which isn’t actually a religion; it is a way of thinking and living.

We will then move on to ‘Salvation’ (Christianity) as we move towards Easter.


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