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Love to Learn - Learn to Love


Children were looking at African drumming. They took part in a Djembe lesson. They identified a rhythm and followed specific rhythmic patterns.

The children explored African landscapes. Using painting skills to create a backdrop for their silhouettes.

In active english children were expanding their writing through: conjunctions, relative clauses. Expanding of vocabulary and considering and evaluating different viewpoints.

Welcome to Oak Class (Y5/Y6)




Welcome to Oak's Class page. Our class teacher is Miss Ootim and our Teaching Assistant is Miss Macdonald.


Please enjoy looking through our class page and at some of the excellent work we have been doing. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our teacher on the email address below.





Term two has got off to a fantastic start!

In weeks one and two, the children had the opportunity to learn all about COP26 and issues surrounding this. We explored the following:

-recycling and its benefits

-who David Attenborough is




Some fantastic work by Oaks class.

In today's modern world, editing software is freely available and altering pictures has never been easier. In our computing lessons, we identified photo-shopped images. This led to a discussion about the media and how it portrays people.

On Friday 19th November, Oaks class were lucky enough to have an artist come into school and show us how to create lanterns. These lanterns will then be used to celebrate The Festival of Light. 

Oaks class Teacher email address:

The Festival of Lights

We are learning French in our lessons. As a class we understand how important it is, to use a range of different techniques, when learning a language. Instead of copying sentences or learning a long list of vocabulary, Oaks class have a different approach. We have been using different creative methods to learn French: through song, mime, conversation and games. 


Our work concluded with pupils' designing a product, that would help someone to learn the French language. The pupils also created a pitch to present to the class. 

Children's Mental Health Week: During our Music lessons this term, we have been studying lyrics from WW2 songs. The pupils were then tasked with editing the lyrics to a song, to make it relevant for a modern day audience. We decided that Children's Mental Health Week would provide a fantastic opportunity for children to edit these lyrics. We worked with the Acorns class (utilising the concept of Growing Together) , using our team building skills, to create a performance.

Dragons Den: Oaks Edition