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Please find below the names of our Governors, who they were appointed by and their term of office dates.  To visit the website, click here 


Chair of Governors

Name Appointed by  From To
Sarah Humphreys     Foundation Governor RDBE                           22 October 2020            21 October 2024



Name Appointed by   From To
Vikki Wall                  Executive Headteacher                                  1 January 2020  
David Owen Local Authority Governor 8 December 2020         7 December 2024
Emma Lowe Elected by parents 28 January 2021 27 January 2025
Gillian Bartlett Foundation Governor 26 January 2021 25 January 2025
Karen De'Ath Elected by school staff 25 September 2019         24 September 2023
Kate Feakins Foundation Governor 23 October 2019 22 October 2023
Martin Henwood Foundation Governor (DBE) ex-officio 23 October 2020 22 October 2024
Sarah Blew Foundation Governor 23 October 2020 22 October 2024
Sarah Collins Foundation Governor 10 September 2020 11 September 2024
Steven Brown Elected by parents 29 January 2021 28 January 2025


Sedley's Governors committee responsibilities

Sarah Humphreys – Chair (Finance and Curriculum)

Vikki Wall - Executive Headteacher

Karen De'Ath - Staff Governor (Training)

David Owen - LA Governor (Finance)

Kate Feakins – Foundation Governor PCC appointed (Pupil Premium/Covid catch-up and Admissions)

Sarah Collins – Foundation Governor (Admissions/Sports Premium/Safeguarding/SEND)

Sarah Blew - Foundation Governor PCC appointed (Health & Safety and Complaints Coordinator)

Rev Martin Henwood - Foundation Governor Interim ex-officio 

Gillian Bartlett - Foundation Governor PCC appointed 

Emma Lowe - Parent Governor

Steve Brown - Parent Governor


Tessa Barnby - Clerk to Governors 

PCC - Parish Parochial Council

RDBE - Rochester Diocese Board of Education


Pay Sub-Committee – Finance Committee except for staff (Headteacher, may attend or be represented at any main committee)

Special/Appeal/Ad Hoc Committees – three Governors including chair or vice not previously involved.


The agreed code of conduct was the 'NGA Code of Conduct' which applied to governors when carrying out their role as a school governor.


The Governors have a long-standing association with the school. Their role is to provide support and challenge to the school. 

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