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Phonics - Mrs Truslers group

Phonics: Letter Races!

For this game you will need magnetic board, magnetic letters, and a lot of space! If you don’t have these, you can write out your sounds or print the flashcards below to replace your magnetic letters.


1. Set up the magnetic board on one side of the room and place the magnetic letters or flashcards in a basket or bowl on the other side of the room.


2. An adult or sibling is to call out a sound, or a word starting or ending in a particular sound. For example, ‘c’ for sound or ‘dog’ for word which means they need to find the word ‘dog’.


3. Then ask your child (with a ready, set, go!) to pick out the correct magnetic letters or flashcards and run over as fast as they can to stick it on the board. You could add a timer to see if they can beat it!