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Love to Learn - Learn to Love


Reading is one of the most important life skills. If a child has difficulties with reading they will struggle to access the wide range of tasks expected of them.  Reading is taught in a variety of ways, through whole class, group and individual sessions.  We encourage a love of reading, sharing stories and developing a varied diet. 

Reading is more than simply decoding the is about language, understanding vocabulary, inferring and interpreting information, predicting and enjoying the experience!  We want our children here at Sedley's to develop a love of reading and to be able to learn within a broad and balanced curriculum through their reading skills.   



Reading workshop for parents

Reading Vipers

Reading Vipers identify the key areas of reading  and help to give us prompts and questions to use in order to develop a range of reading strategies.  As your child becomes a more fluent reader, the Vipers areas of reading will help to continue to challenge and teach a range of reading skills.