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What is a School Council?

Sedley’s School Council is made up of a boy and a girl from each year group (years 1-6) voted by their peers in a secret ballot. Our School Council Representatives are very enthusiastic and engaged to adopt the responsibility of their School Council role as being the voice of all the children.  Our first job is to elect a Chair and Secretary. Our Secretary takes minutes of all the meetings and these are kept in the school office.



Our 2019/2020 (Extended to July 2021 due to covid).

 School Council children are Y6 Megan (Secretary), Y6 Fidel (Vice-Treasurer), Y5 Archie (Treasurer), 

Y5 Sadie, Y4 Oliver, Y4 Brooke, Y3 Jack, Y3 Isabella, Y2 Nye, Y2 Emmy, Y1 Jude H, Y1 Emily.


The School Council's first job is to design a folder to place in their classroom and speak with their class to inform them that the School Council is their voice and to encourage them to put ideas, suggestions in the folder for us to discuss at our next meeting.


Here are some of the ideas the children have spoken to the school council about:

New football nets in the playground - These have now been replaced

More playground equipment for lunchtime - Balls, hoops, skipping ropes, purchased by school council

Dress in your Pyjamas Day/Bad hair Day - To be discussed for our next Inset Day

More after school clubs for the older children - cooking, football, tennis

Healthy vending machine - TBA

Colour run fundraising - As we did the Welly Walk we will do this next as our main fundraiser

New paint brushes/paints and pastels - purchased by school council


We have two ideas pending: 

Competition time: Plant a seed and watch it grow and we will pot the winners in our Reflective Area in the playground.   The best grown 3 plants will win a prize.  The children have written letters to the supermarkets for prize donations. (pending due to Covid-19). 

Fundraising time: We have written to parents to donate a glass jar with exciting things inside and we will decorate and sell to the children. 


School Council Fundraising to date - well done Sedley's

DateAmount raisedFundraising venturesPurchased
To Date£343.60Munch Box - (Tuck Shop) 
2019/2020£69.50Sold 2nd hand DVD's and Christmas decorationsArt equipment
2018/2019£120.00School Council baked cakes to sell to the childrenPlayground lunchtime equipment 
2018/2019£1,787.20Sponsored Welly Walk for whole schoolWall Art in hall
2016/2017£156.252nd hand book sale in the playground and MayfairWall Art in hall


LOVE IN A BOX - The Mustard Seed Relief Mission  

Sedley's Collected shoeboxes: In 2019 - collected 30 boxes.  2018 - collected 35 boxes.  2017 collected 52 boxes.

The Mustard Seed Relief Mission Appel ensures that infants and children from the poorest families or in orphanages, hospices or hospitals know someone cares at Christmas.  Each shoebox, once opened, will certainly bring smiles, wonder and delight to a child or pensioner living in dire circumstances. All too often, they are living in poverty an have come to expect little of the joy of Christmas.

Here is Megan our School Council Secretary completing Captain Sedley Fundraising Superhero

Say Hello to Captain Sedley , he is the School Council's new fundraising hero.  As you can see we are starting to give Captain Sedley some superpowers by colouring him in with our fundraising. 

Voting for the new School Council took place October 2019

2019 Wall Art purchased with School Council fundraising

2018 Fundraising Welly Walk and Cake Sale