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Love to Learn - Learn to Love

Thursday 11th February

Good Morning Saplings!

I hope you enjoy today’s Home Learning tasks. I look forward to seeing your amazing work! We have nearly made it to ‘positive Friday’! Keep up the excellent work everyone!

Plan for today’s home learning:

  • Maths lesson
  • Topic Lesson
  • GPS
  • Reading activity
  • Times tables

Maths lesson

Each year group have a separate learning objective today for Maths. Year 3 and Year 4 have their own PowerPoint and worksheet to complete below.

Year 3

Learning objective: to add fractions to make a whole one

The purpose of this lesson is to develop the children’s understanding that sometimes the numerator and the denominator in a fraction can be the same which is represented as a whole one. This lesson builds on from children’s prior knowledge of adding fractions with the same denominator. Please watch the PowerPoint first and then complete either worksheet one (1 star) or two (2 stars). Worksheet 2 (2 stars) is slightly more challenging than worksheet 1 (star 1).


Year 3 Maths PowerPoint 1..mp4

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Year 4

Learning objective: to solve fractions greater than one

The purpose of this lesson is to develop the children’s understanding that some fractions have a numerator which is higher than the denominator and this is called a fraction greater than one. Please go through the PowerPoint below first and then complete the worksheet which is also found on this page.  


Year 4 Maths PowerPoint.mp4

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Topic Lesson

Learning objective: to create an information sheet

This week, you have been gathering information for Mr Smith, for example states in America and famous landmarks he may like to visit. You may have also found information about Native American tribes.  Today, you will put all this information (above) together. You can either write the information gathered on a piece paper, or you can type it up on the computer.  

Here is an example of how you may structure your piece of writing for Mr Smith below.

Over the last few days, I have gathered the information you requested in your email to help you plan your trip to the USA. I have found some different states you may like to visit and famous landmarks. I have organised the information under the subheadings for you below.

Places to visit

State 1

State 2

State 3

Famous Landmarks


Native American Tribes


Things you may need to take on your trip


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Learning Objective: to identify adverbs in a sentence


The activity today is based on adverbs. Please go through the PowerPoint below which explains what an adverb is and the different types. Once you have done this, complete the worksheet attached below.


Still image for this video

Reading Activity

Learning objective:  inference/prediction

Today, your reading task involves using the picture below to make inferences and predictions. This picture was taken from the story called the ‘Brother Eagle, Sister Sky’ which uses illustrations to explore a speech made by a Native American Chief 150 years ago. The book focuses on the importance to look after our world.

1.What are they all looking at?

2.How do you think they are feeling?

3.What do they seem to be thinking?

4.What devastating event do you think has just happened?

5.How is it clear from this illustration that nature is important to the Native Americans?


Times Tables

Learning Objective: to recall a set of multiplication facts

To help you practice your times tables this week, you may like to try some of the resources below.