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Thursday 14th Jan

Comprehension Wednesday 13th Jan

A number of you struggled with the comprehension yesterday. In the document below, you will find suggested answers to the comprehension. Please look at them and see how you could improve your work if you need to.


Good morning Oaks!


Your learning for today:

  • 'Frozen Kingdom' Topic lesson
  • Maths lesson
  • Reading task
  • GPS activity
  • Times Tables/Mental Maths practice


L.O. To identify how animals are adapted to suit their environment

Watch the presentation below on 'Animal Adaptation'.

Choose a favourite animal from either of the Polar regions and use the internet or any non-fiction books you may have at home to find out some interesting facts about it. Describe how it is adapted to suit its habitat e.g. arctic foxes have thick fur on their paws which allows them to walk on both snow and ice. You might like to present your work as a poster, fact page or a PowerPoint slide - it's up to you!



L.O. To convert fractions to percentages

Watch the presentation in full screen mode to hear my voice-over.

Complete the Fractions to Percentages worksheet, then check your answers.



L.O. To use inference/prediction

Look at the picture below and answer the questions that follow. Remember to write in full sentences and use accurate punctuation.

1. Who is in the picture?

2. Where is the person going?

3. How does the person feel?

4. Why has the person chosen to do this?

5. What can they see ahead?

6. What is in the bag that they are pulling along?


L.O. To secure understanding of the four sentence functions

Watch the video. You will need a pen and paper to complete the task in the video.

Zoom 0-1.m4v

Still image for this video

Times Tables

L.O. To practise all the multiplication tables in order to maintain fluency

Click on the link to play the games. Can you recall the facts instantly?