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Thursday 21st Jan

Here are the answers to the Wednesday 20th January comprehension questions.

Good morning Oaks!


Your learning for today:

  • Maths
  • 'Frozen Kingdom' Topic (music)
  • Reading task
  • GPS
  • Times Tables practice 


Y5 L.O. To find complements which sum to 1

Y6 L.O. To find percentages of an amount

Watch the video introduction. Remember that you can pause or replay the video if you want to go over certain parts. Complete the worksheet, then check your work using the answers provided.

Y5 Complements To 1-1.m4v

Still image for this video

Y6 Percentages Of An Amount-1.m4v

Still image for this video

Topic (music)

L.O. To improvise and compose music for a range of purposes

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is one of the most amazing natural phenomena on Earth. The glowing lights in the sky are caused by high energy electrons colliding with oxygen atoms and nitrogen molecules. Watch the spectacular video footage below, then listen to 'Northern Lights' by Ola Gjeilo.

Create your own soundtrack that captures the beauty of the Northern Lights. If you have any musical instruments at home - that's brilliant! If not, don't worry, you can use a range of everyday objects or make your own. Instruments might include glass bottles or jars of different sizes, bells, wind chimes, a triangle or your voice! You could use the computer - try the website Classics For Kids to compose your own music on a virtual piano! If possible, record your music to send to me and share with the class.

Gjeilo: Northern Lights


L.O. To infer, explain and summarise

Read the next extract from George Taylor's diary and answer the questions that follow. You don't need to print the sheet. Once you have finished, check your answers.


L.O. To identify coordinating, subordinating and correlative conjunctions

Watch the presentation and complete the quiz.

Times Tables

L.O. To practise all the multiplication tables in order to maintain fluency

Click on the link to play the game. How fast are you?!