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Love to Learn - Learn to Love

Thursday 7th January

Good Morning Saplings!

This is day four of your home learning. We hope you enjoy the activities!



The plan for today’s Home Learning:


-A Topic Lesson

-A Maths Lesson

-A GPS activity

-A Reading activity

-Times Table practice



Learning objective: to plan ideas for a postcard


This week, you have been on a road trip to the USA exploring different US states and cities. You have chosen 2 or 3 places you would like to visit on your road trip.


This video below will explain today's lesson:




Still image for this video

Your task today for topic is to plan ideas for a postcard to send to a family member or a friend back home.

Here are some questions you might like to have a think about and include in your plan:

  • How did you get to the USA?
  • Who did you go with?
  • Why did you choose to visit certain places? e.g. you can talk about the US cities from yesterday
  • What is special about the USA?
  • Would you go back? Why? 


Now read the PowerPoint below that explains the features of a postcard and look carefully at things people say. Write down on your plan some of the features you will use in your own postcard. We have  attached one more example of a postcard below. 


Learning objective: how does multiplication link to addition?


This week so far you have been multiplying numbers using the column method and the grid method. Today, for our maths lesson we are going to focus on how multiplication links to addition. The PowerPoint below will explain what will happen in this lesson and it gives an example of how to complete the calculations on the worksheets for both year groups. Please note when using the presentation, you will need to enter full-screen mode so that the voice over will work. Once you have done this, go to the right-hand side of each slide on the presentation where you will see a sound icon and, you need to click on this to access the audio.



Here are the Maths worksheets below for Year 3 and 4.  Please don’t worry about printing the worksheets, they can be written on a piece of paper.



Year 3 Worksheet
Year 4 Worksheet

GPS activity

Please see below the GPS activities for each year group.


Year 3

Learning Objective: to identify pronouns in a set of sentences

Below is a PowerPoint that explains what a pronoun is. Once you have looked at the PowerPoint, there is a worksheet below to complete.

Year 4

Learning Objective: to use similes and metaphors in sentences


Below is a PowerPoint that explains what a simile and metaphor is with some examples. Once you have looked at this PowerPoint, there is a worksheet below to complete



Learning Objective: use inference/Prediction


Today’s reading activity is going to involve using this picture below. This picture is going to be our text. Your task is to answer a set of questions which are underneath the picture.


1. What has just hatched from the egg?



2. Why is the girl unafraid?


3. Why might the crows be displeased?


4.What will happen now that it has hatched?


5.How did the girl end up with the egg in her hands?

Times Tables

Learning objective: to recall multiplication facts


Practice your times tables for 10 minutes each day.


Year 3: can you choose one of these times tables to focus on: x2, x4, x5, x10, x8.

Year 4: you can choose any times tables up to x12.


You may like to use this game and the activity sheet below to practice your times tables


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