Sedley's Church of England

Primary School

Love to Learn - Learn to Love

Tuesday 12th Jan

Here are the answers to yesterday's maths challenge:


Challenge A = 0.58 

Challenge B = 4.53


Did you get them right? Well done if you did!smiley



Here is an overview of what you will be doing today: 

  • P.E 
  • Maths lesson
  • GPS
  • Reading
  • Topic
  • Online Maths activity

PE -

Open up the PDF where you will find some information. You can click on each image which will tell you how to do the activities. They include watching a video on how your muscles grow and the activities are 'speed bounce' and 'stork balance'.

Maths:    LO To order and compare decimals (Yr5 and Yr6)

                  LO  To convert fractions to decimals (Yr6)


Watch the video below where I will share a Powerpoint explaining how to do these activities (you will need a pencil and paper whilst watching this video). Then work through the tasks and make sure someone marks your work to see how well you’ve done.

Maths tutorial Year 5&6 (Please view in fullscreen to hear audio)

Still image for this video

GPS - LO To write sentences which include prepositional phrases

Today you will be looking at prepositional phrases and will be given tasks to write your own sentences using prepositional phrases. Please watch the Powerpoint (in fullscreen to hear the audio) below, your tasks are included on the slides. 

Reading LO To predict what is happening


There is an image attached in the document below. You will need to predict what might be happening in the picture. 

Topic :   LO To describe the climatic similarities and differences between two regions.


  1. Click on the link (below) to read about the climate in the polar regions.
  2. Then there is a powerpoint below (please watch in fullscreen to hear audio) to watch and listen to.
  • You will be looking at the weather in the two Polar regions, the Arctic and the Antarctica.
  • The information on how to do your task is include in the powerpoint.
  • You will need to find the similarities and differences in the climate of these two areas.

Online maths activity

When you open the link you will need to see how quick you can help the pirate cross the bridge by answering division questions.

Be careful, if you get the answer wrong, the pirate will step back!