Sedley's Church of England

Primary School

Love to Learn - Learn to Love

Tuesday 12th January

Good Morning Saplings!



Plan for today’s Home Learning:

  • Maths Lesson
  • GPS activity
  • Reading task 
  • Times Tables practice
  • PE



Year 3

Learning objective: to draw and measure lines in cm and mm.

Your activity is on the PowerPoint below and you will need a sharp pencil.

Year 4

Learning objective: to convert kilometres to metres.

Go through the PowerPoint (attached) and then once you have done this, work through the activity worksheet below.


Learning objective: to understand the term contraction and use an apostrophe

Today, we are going to be focusing on contractions using apostrophes. Please have a look through the PowerPoint below and then complete the worksheet attached. Please do not worry about printing, the answers can be written out on a piece of paper.


Learning objective: to locate information and make inferences

Please find below a list of questions to complete based on the text ‘Buffalo and the Field Mouse’.


  1. What adjectives are used to describe the voice of the mouse?
  2. How did the buffalo try to attack the mouse?
  3. What was the fox doing when he first heard the mouse?
  4. Why was the fox so hungry?
  5. Who was the greediest? Give reasons for your opinion.
  6. Find some words that you are unsure of and look them up in a dictionary.

Times Tables

Learning objective: to develop rapid recall of multiplication facts


Below are the times tables for each year group. Please practice these for 10 minutes each day.


Year 3: can you practice your 8 times table ready for your test on Friday


Year 4: can you practice your 11 and 12 times table ready for your test on Friday


You may like to use this game below to help you practice your times tables.




Mrs De'Ath has been very busy finding some PE for you to enjoy. Do take a look and enjoy some exercise.