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Tuesday 2nd Feb

This week is Children's Mental Health Week.

Mental health and wellbeing is of course important all year round. On the rainbow link on your main home learning page you will find information and activities for you to try out.







Maths quiz


LO - To use commas before conjunctions when there is an independent clause.


  • Open the powerpoint below and watch in full screen mode.
  • Your task is on the last slide


Try out some of the workouts from the document below.

There is also video to watch on netball skills.

There are two further videos to watch, one on healthy eating and one on mindfulness.

Also open the document below for 'How to use Homecourt'


LO To divide numbers by 10,100, 100

Watch the presentation in full screen mode and answer the questions which follow.

Maths Presentation

Still image for this video

If you are still unsure you can also watch this teacher in the video use cereal (instead of counters) and dots to demonstrate dividing. You have quiz questions to answer during the tutorial.


LO – To examine the decisions made by significant historical individuals, considering their options and making a summative judgment about their choices.


Watch the video below about Robert Falcon Scott.

Explorers: Robert Falcon Scott

Robert Falcon Scott's ill-fated journey to the South Pole is brought to life in this short animated film for primary pupils.As we relive the epic adventure, ...

  • Now that you have watched the video, open the presentation below to hear me read in more detail about Robert Falcon Scott’s expedition to the South Pole.
  • Your task is explained on the last slide.
  • You can also use the document provided to complete your task on.

Topic Presentation and task

Still image for this video


Focus – Inference


  • You will need to look at four images associated with today’s topic lesson.
  • There are questions to answer about each image.

Listen to me read the first part of Chapter 3 of the 'Call of the Wild'.


Then have a go at the short quiz to see how well you can answer the questions on the story so far.


'Call of the Wild' reading

Still image for this video

Keep your answers to the 'Call of the Wild' quiz nearby during tomorrow's registration.

I will reveal the answers then.

Maths Activity

Complete the Mental Maths Quiz for your year group