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Tuesday 9th February

Good Morning Saplings!

Today is 'Safer Internet Day' (SID), so as part of our home learning, there will be a separate lesson based on the importance to stay safe online.

Plan for today’s home learning:

  • Topic Lesson
  • Internet safety lesson
  • GPS-exploring different types of nouns
  • Reading Activity (retrieval)
  • Times tables

Topic Lesson

Learning objective: to research states in America with famous landmarks


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Building on from yesterday’s lesson, today your task is to research three or four states Mr Smith and his family may like to visit on their holiday to the USA. You may like to use some of the states you have explored this term, or you may like to find new ones. Remember in Mr Smith’s email, he is staying in the USA for three weeks so you will need to think about how long they will visit each state.  You may like to draw a little map starting with the state Mr Smith will visit first. 


Once you have done some research, you now need to write some things Mr Smith and his family may like to do at these states. Remember Mr Smith has requested to see Famous American Landmarks. Write all your notes on a piece paper and you will use this later on in the week. If you find any interesting facts about your states, please do include them.


Internet Safety Lesson

Learning Objective: what is trust online?

Your first task is to go through PowerPoint part 1 and 2 below which explains the importance to stay safe online and there are some activities to try. Once you have done this, your task is to create a poster for children explaining what is trust online and how to stay safe.  You can use some of the examples from the PowerPoint to help you. 

Part 1..mp4

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Part 2 ..mp4

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Learning Objective: to identify different types of nouns


This GPS activity focuses on exploring different types of nouns. Please have a look at the PowerPoint below and then complete the main activity sheet which is attached to this page. You may also like to try the additional worksheets. 

Different types of nouns.mp4

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Reading Activity

Learning objective:  to retrieve information from a text

Today’s reading task is focused on retrieval. This form of comprehension involves picking out information from a text to answer questions about it.  Please read the text attached and then complete the retrieval questions. Once you have done this, now have a go at completing the viper questions please.  

Times Tables

Learning objective: to recall a set of multiplication and division facts

Please find below some challenge sheets you may like to use to practice your times tables. Year 3 are focusing on x3 and x4 (multiplication and division) whilst Year 4 are concentrating on x9 and x7 (multiplication and division).



Mrs D has planned several activities for your PE lesson this week. Please find these attached. It is important to exercise and keep active.