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Love to Learn - Learn to Love

Wednesday 10th Feb

Produce a poster on what you have learnt about internet safety or complete one of the tasks from the 

Internet Safety tab on your main home learning page.

If you do any activity/work relating to Internet Safety please send in by tomorrow morning at the latest, it may appear in our newsletter.smiley







Maths Activity


LO - To collect new vocabulary


Your task is to list some new vocabulary that you have come across this term in relation to your topic, maths or spelling activities. Try to identify about 8 to 10 new words or phrases that you have learnt this term.


Write them down and define them in your own words or look up in the dictionary for the definition if you want to.



Watch the presentation for your year group and answer the questions which follow.



LO To convert from mm to m, ml to l ( and vice versa)

Yr 5 Maths presentation

Still image for this video

Yr 6

LO To (calculate) solve problems with metric measures.


Yr 6 Maths presentation

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LO  To present a detailed account of how an industry, including tourism, has changed a place or landscape over time.


Open up the presentation below to learn about the impact of tourism on Antarctica.

On the questions sheet, you will need to analyse data and draw some conclusions based on the information.


Topic presentation

Still image for this video

Reading – Focus: Infer and  Predict

LO : To make and justify inferences and predict what will happen


Make sure you have completed your Topic work first


Open the document below that gives some statements from people who have visited Antarctica.

You then need to answer the questions in the questions document.

Remember to add evidence from reading when you answer.

'Call of the Wild'

Listen to me read the remaining part of Chapter 4 of the ‘Call of the Wild’.  You can read the remainder of the book (there are three more chapters) in the pdf document that will include in the Reading tab on Oaks home learning page.


If you were interested in the book, you could carry out research on the events around the story – the 1890s Gold Rush territory of North America. If you do do research, look out for the place names mentioned in the story such as the Yukon River, Dyea Beach, Chilkoot Trail, etc.

Call of the Wild reading

Still image for this video


There are 2 Yoga videos for you to watch today, based on our topic.

You can choose which one you prefer, or choose one for today and do the other on another day.

Pedro the Penguin | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Joybob The Polar Bear | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Maths Activity


Open the document below to find a game board you can copy or print out.

You will need a die and counters. You can play on your own and see how many moves it takes you to get from start to finish at different attempts

This game is all about identifying multiples of 3 and 7.


You could challenge yourself and make a similar board game with higher number multiples to play with other family members.