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Wednesday 13th Jan

Tuesday 12th Maths extra resource

If you struggled with the Maths yesterday, you might want to watch this video before today's lesson. 

Fractions to Decimals

Your Learning for Today






Maths Activity




LO To recognise and use prepositional phrases on sentences

Watch the powerpoint (in full screen mode) to learn about how to use prepositional phrases that modify nouns and modify verbs. Your tasks are in the presentation.



LO: Yr 5 To understand percentages

LO: Yr 6 To convert fractions to decimals (part 2)


Watch the presentation tutorial below in full screen mode to hear the audio. You will need a pencil and paper.


Year 5s will watch some of the slides and Yr 6s will continue watching the rest.


After watching you will need to complete your tasks. You might find it useful to go back and pause the presentation on relevant slides whilst you are completing your tasks. 





Still image for this video


LO  To study the human and physical geography of regions


Today you will need to create information pages about the Arctic and Antarctica.

  1. Click on the links below to research facts about both the polar regions and make some notes.
  2. Watch the Powerpoint, you will find further information on there. 
  3. The instructions for your task are included on the Powerpoint.


Open the document below to read an extract from 'Listen to the Moon' by Michael Morpurgo. 

You will need to answer questions which include the meaning of words and making inferences. 


Watch the link for the YouTube video below where you can try out some yoga!

PE Yoga

Maths activity

Solve the number puzzle in the link below (the answers are on the second page of the document).