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Wednesday 13th January

Good Morning Saplings!



Plan for today’s Home Learning:

  • Topic Lesson
  • Maths Lesson
  • GPS activity
  • Reading task 
  • Times Tables practice


Learning objective: to plan and draft an email

Road Trip – Sending an email

Still image for this video

Discuss why people use emails, considering what advantages and disadvantages they present compared to sending a written letter. Talk to your parents about why email is a great tool to help plan a road trip, thinking about things that they would need to prepare, such as booking accommodation, hiring a car or organising a day trip.

Research a place in the USA that you would like to visit. You may wish to stay in a hotel or a camp site. Plan some questions that you would like answered regarding the facilities at the hotel or camp site.

Think about the types of room, pools, restaurants, day trips, airports etc.



Please find attached the PowerPoint for our maths lesson. For each year group, there is a separate worksheet and please do not worry about printing, the answers can be written on a piece of paper. 

Year 3: you have some questions converting mm to cm and cm to m. Some may involve decimals.


Year 4: you have some questions converting mm to cm and cm to m but, yours will involve decimals


Read the text and change the contractions in red to the longer word. Change the longer words in blue to the contracted form. No need to print out. You can just write the words on a piece of paper.



L/O: to locate information and make inferences

Please find attached first the answers from the comprehension worksheet yesterday based on the Buffalo and the Field Mouse text. Once you have done this, read the text 'How the Bear Lost His Tail' text followed by answering the questions. 



Times Tables

Learning objective: to develop rapid recall of multiplication facts


Below are the times tables for each year group. Please practice these for 10 minutes each day.


Year 3: can you practice your 8 times table ready for your test on Friday


Year 4: can you practice your 11 and 12 times table ready for your test on Friday


You may like to use this game below to help you practice your times tables.


CGP Times Table Tester- 


Free Times Table Check at the bottom of the page:


Coconut multiplies-


Daily 10-