Sedley's Church of England

Primary School

Love to Learn - Learn to Love

Wednesday 20 January

Good Morning Saplings Class!


Plan for today’s home learning:


  • Maths times tables
  • Maths - Varied Fluency
  • Reading task
  • Topic
  • GPS


Maths: L/O: to develop rapid recall of multiplication table

Maths: L/O: to use learnt knowledge and skills to solve problems

Times Tables:

Y3 – Practise your 4x and 8x tables

Y4 – Practise your 7x and 12 x tables

Reading: – Yellowstone Valley and the Flood

GPS: L/O: to understand coordinating conjunctions

TOPIC - an idea for your leaflet





MATHS TASKS - Y3 Varied fluency

MATHS TASKS - Y4 Varied Fluency

The Falcon and the Duck - Answers

Reading Task - Yellowstone Valley and the Great Flood

ROAD TRIP USA - Leaflet idea